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We Want to Sent FREE Aesthetic Gifts on Valentine's Day for You

We Want to Sent FREE Aesthetic Gifts on Valentine's Day for You


A Special AWNL Valentine's Day Event Only from 12 Jan - 01 Feb(UTC-5)

 How to Join?

  • First, follow us on Instagram or Facebook 
  • Second, Post a Valentine's Day photo* on your Instagram or Facebook and add hashtags: #AwnlValentine and #awnljewelry.
  • Or you can leave a comment under our event posts on Instagram or Facebook with a small piece of your own Valentine's Day, which can be a short story/touching moment/romantic phrase, etc. (BTW All languages are accepted)

On 1st Feb, 3 winners on Instagram and 3 winners on Facebook will be selected randomly.
The first 2 winners will be rewarded with a $500 AWNL gift card.
The 2nd 2 winners with a $200 AWNL gift card.
The Lucky last 2 winners with a $50 AWNL gift card.

*What a Valentine's Day Photo Should Look Like?

  • You can send photos of yourself wearing AWNL jewelry.
  • if you don’t have AWNL jewelry, you can send photos of yourself or people/items/pets you loved.
  • We fully support LGBTQ and any other minority group, show yourself with confidence :)

What is the Reward?

  • We will notify all winners via DM on February 2nd with an AWNL gift card of the corresponding value.
  • Winners can purchase a favorite jewelry piece on our official website. 
  • Then we will send this gift to you or the person you want to gift on this Valentine's Day. Give him/her a sweet Valentine's Day surprise!

Matters Need Attention

  • To ensure that our courier can be delivered on time, please confirm the gift you choose ASAP so that the gift can arrive in time.
  • Instagram posts need to be set to public, and private accounts can't participate in this event.
  • About the lottery draw method: We will collect all users who post and comment on the INS and FB platforms, and draw participating users in a centralized manner. The two platforms will draw a total of 6 winning users.
  • If you didn't follow us on Instagram or Facebook, didn't add hashtags #AwnlValentine#awnljewelry, you are under 18 years old, your posts and comments violate the community rules of Instagram or Facebook →any one of them will not be counted participated successfully.
  • Winners need to post relevant pictures or videos on Instagram or Facebook after receiving the gift and use the hashtag #AwnlValentine #awnljewelry.
  • Gift card usage policy: Gift cards of all denominations will not be refunded or accumulated balance, please use up as much as possible at one time. The gift card with a face value of 50 US dollars can only be used when purchasing products with a value of 300 US dollars or more.


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