Men's Saturn's Ring Beaded Bracelet with Meteorite

SKU: 101-A2-BM-EEC-S
Size: S
Material: Hawk's eye
Subtotal: $379.00

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Men's Saturn's Ring Beaded Bracelet with Meteorite Bracelets S Hawk's eye AWNL Jewelry

Men's Saturn's Ring Beaded Bracelet with Meteorite

$379.00 $379.00

Men's Saturn's Ring Beaded Bracelet with Meteorite

$379.00 $379.00
Size: S
Material: Hawk's eye

Decorated with the Muonionalusta meteorite, our beaded bracelet with a natural hawk’s eye instills magical protection and blessing as well as good luck to its wearer. By harnessing the wearer’s inner power, this bracelet will give them bravery and clarity in their decisions as well as offering strong guidance that will move the wearer to their goals and lead to its manifestation. Turn dreams into reality with this luxurious and mighty piece.

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  • Hawk's eye: 8mm; Meteorite: 8mm
  • Vajrayana lucky charm: 7.5mm
  • S925 sterling silver with 18K white gold plated

Muonionalusta Meteorite

Zodiac - Virgo and Gemini | Third Eye Chakra | Supernatural Essence for Personal Growth
Muonionalusta Meteorite is a remarkable stone from Sweden that holds the secrets of the universe. This meteorite is the oldest ever found by humankind and also a celestial visitor that carries a profound energy.

Traditionally, the Muonionalusta meteorite has been revered for its mystical properties, often crafted into jewelry and weapons imbued with magical abilities.

With its stable and positive energy, the Muonionalusta has the potential to elevate your consciousness, enhance intuition, and ignite inspiration. It expands your perception and invites deep contemplation, empowering you to face any challenge with courage and wisdom. Moreover, its high vibrational energy works to unblock stagnant areas within your body, promoting cellular regeneration and fostering overall well-being.

As a stone associated with the third eye chakra, the Muonionalusta stimulates spiritual awakening and inner vision. It provides protection, patience, and opportunities for self-improvement. Embrace the transformative power of this stone to slow down the aging process, prevent spiritual degeneration, and gain a clear sense of spiritual direction.

Furthermore, meteorite amplifies and catalyzes the energies and processes of other stones, enhancing their effects and bringing forth their full potential.

Embrace the energy that transcends space and time, connecting you to the vast mysteries of the cosmos. Now, you have the opportunity to experience its supernatural essence firsthand.

Hawk Eye (Blue Tiger Eye)

Zodiac - Capricorn | Throat Chakra |  Vision, Communication and Self-expression
Experience the allure and potency of Eagle Eye, a magnificent gemstone that blends the healing properties of Tiger's Eye and Blue Quartz. Its striking deep blue shade and unique cat's eye luster create a captivating look.
In Feng Shui, Blue Quartz embodies the energy of water, symbolizing stillness, purification, and unrealized potential. Its soft yet potent energy enhances communication, promoting clarity and focus.
As a stone associated with the throat and third eye chakras, Eagle Eye provides spiritual protection and aids in communication, while promoting clarity and focus. Whether you seek to enhance your gemstone collection or deepen your meditation practice, Eagle Eye is an essential addition.

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