Men's Double Wrap Beaded Bracelet with Meteorite and Nuummite

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Size: S
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Men's Double Wrap Beaded Bracelet with Meteorite and Nuummite Bracelets S AWNL Jewelry

Men's Double Wrap Beaded Bracelet with Meteorite and Nuummite

$579.00 $579.00

Men's Double Wrap Beaded Bracelet with Meteorite and Nuummite

$579.00 $579.00
Size: S

This men's double wrap beaded bracelet is handcrafted with meteorite and rare Nuummite stones. The 84 faceted star cut round beads of Nuummite bring an exclusive connection with natural energies, while the geometric cut meteorite charm is a powerful symbol of protection and commitment.

The bracelet's charms are designed with sterling silver high polish and sandblast finish, and completed with a lobster clasp and extender chain for a comfortable and secure fit. 

This unique piece of spiritual jewelry is a must-have for those seeking to amplify their inner charm and manifest their wishes. The perfect accessory to elevate your everyday look, or to gift to someone special on a birthday or anniversary.

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  • Greenland nuummite 8mm; Meteorite 7.5mm
  • Antler bead 8mm
  • S925 sterling silver with 18K white gold plated

Muonionalusta Meteorite

Zodiac - Virgo and Gemini | Third Eye Chakra | Supernatural Essence for Personal Growth
Muonionalusta Meteorite is a remarkable stone from Sweden that holds the secrets of the universe. This meteorite is the oldest ever found by humankind and also a celestial visitor that carries a profound energy.

Traditionally, the Muonionalusta meteorite has been revered for its mystical properties, often crafted into jewelry and weapons imbued with magical abilities.

With its stable and positive energy, the Muonionalusta has the potential to elevate your consciousness, enhance intuition, and ignite inspiration. It expands your perception and invites deep contemplation, empowering you to face any challenge with courage and wisdom. Moreover, its high vibrational energy works to unblock stagnant areas within your body, promoting cellular regeneration and fostering overall well-being.

As a stone associated with the third eye chakra, the Muonionalusta stimulates spiritual awakening and inner vision. It provides protection, patience, and opportunities for self-improvement. Embrace the transformative power of this stone to slow down the aging process, prevent spiritual degeneration, and gain a clear sense of spiritual direction.

Furthermore, meteorite amplifies and catalyzes the energies and processes of other stones, enhancing their effects and bringing forth their full potential.

Embrace the energy that transcends space and time, connecting you to the vast mysteries of the cosmos. Now, you have the opportunity to experience its supernatural essence firsthand.


Zodiac - All | Third eye & Crown Chakra | Relationship Repairer
Nuummite, an ancient stone from Greenland, is truly captivating with its mysterious blackness and seven-colored luster that seems to appear simultaneously. This grounding stone is connected to the elemental powers of the Earth and has a strong electromagnetic field that provides a powerful and mysterious energy to help the wearer see beyond the surface and discern the true intentions of themselves and others. It can also help uncover hidden emotions such as scars, anxieties, guilt, or shame.
This stone is a great gift for anyone seeking clarity and empowerment. With its masculine energy, it is especially supportive for fathers, particularly those who are single parents. It can also help individuals who struggle with issues related to their paternal lineage. Additionally, it provides a rational and yang energy that can help those who feel lost or uncertain about their life's purpose and those who struggle with being led by ego and desire.
Nuummite has been used to treat various health issues such as insulin synthesis and control, low blood sugar and pressure, tinnitus, as well as eye and throat diseases.

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