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Bracelets for Men - A Comprehensive Guide to A Stylish Wrist

Bracelets for Men - A Comprehensive Guide to A Stylish Wrist

How to wear bracelets for men? It may seem that bracelets are solely designed for women. But men’s bracelets - one of the easiest accessories to wear - are trending in many fashionable circles. A little band can give an outfit the extra touch it needs. A little zing to display your personality. Bracelets are an option, not a necessity-- but when displayed, it can be a bold statement-- something simple, yet masculine. From celebrities to movie stars, many men have capitalized on this growing trend to add an extra touch to their wardrobes and highlight their aesthetic appeal.

Generally wearing a bracelet requires a few basic guidelines: knowing when a bracelet is suitable,  the overall style, and bracelet proportion and fit. Mastering these questions will allow you to understand the correct way to show off that wrist piece. Luckily we have written a simple guide for you.

Knowing When A Men's Bracelet Is Suitable

Bracelet for Men Guide

This just means recognizing where you will be when you wear your bracelet. Is it a suit and tie event? Then probably something fancy and upscale would be better. Is it more casual or sporty? Perhaps something in leather or with beads would be better then. Treat your bracelets like wristwatches. They touch the skin, underneath any sleeves. You do not want to overdo it with too many bracelets on one arm nor do you want to go with the dual wield on both your wrists. Watches and bracelets are not always an either/or situation. You can match a watch and a bracelet on the same arm. Rules in fashion are more guidelines than commandments set in stone. There will be guys that can pull off exceptions and look great while doing it. But if you are just starting out, stick within the guidelines.

Proportion and Fit

Some simple rules for this, larger bracelets for bigger wrists, and smaller for thinner wrists. Making sure the bracelet fits correctly with your size is key. It should be tight enough to comfortably fit on your wrist. Although some beaded or rope bracelets may be more elastic, anything weightier should be tailored. A chunky metal bracelet sliding around your arm is not good.

Overall Style

An easy rule: the simpler the better. What kind of look are you going for? The key is to find a bracelet that works with your outfit. You want pieces that are smart and masculine but not abrasive. Maybe one made of interesting materials and in colors that match the rest of your outfit. Keeping it simple makes the bracelet elevate your style while making it look effortlessness and displays your personality at the same time.

Different Types of Bracelets for Men

There are so many choices for what kind of bracelet is available. Although the slender ones adjourned with gemstones are probably for women. There are plenty of options for men as well. Here are just a few options:

Metal Bracelets for Men

Metal Bracelet for Men

Metal Bracelets made with gold or silver are the more upscale of bracelet choices. These can be ID bracelets or solid gold or sterling silver. They may have embedded gemstones but try not to get too flashy with it. They are the classy yet masculine choice, usually chosen for their simplicity and cleanness. Usually good for formal events or workplaces where a suit and tie is required. They are probably not suitable for more casual events as the look can be quite jarring.

Beaded Bracelets for Men

Beaded Bracelet for Men

 Showing AWNL Meteorite Bracelet

Beaded Bracelets have become a popular accessory as of late. The main impetus is the vast variety of selections from beaded bracelets. From cheaper wooden or even plastic styles to the classier crystal, gemstone, glass, or bone variations. Having a few beaded bracelets is great, as they can fit in any situation-- you can find one that will match your mood and style. Finding the right one though can be tough. Try mixing different materials, like gemstones with crystal or even metal beads. Mixing the color selection can also be rewarding. The good thing about the variation and choice from beaded bracelets is you have greater scope to inject your own personality into them.

Leather Bracelets for Men

Leather Bracelets for Men

Leather Bracelets can be classy and work with more formal outfits, but they are generally used during a more casual setting. Leather itself is rugged and can add masculinity to your outfit. They are also a jack of all trades type of accessory, as they can be paired well with other wrist pieces. Such as a watch or other bracelets. Wider ones are more casual while finer bracelets are more smart. Leather bracelets can be woven and paired with other jewellery like silver or gold or gemstones.

Chain Bracelets for Men

Chain Bracelet for Men

Chain Bracelets are the hyper masculine choice. From flashy gold chains seen in Hip-hop videos to spikey chains displayed by rock stars. These are the loud choice. Although it may not fit on many outfits. These are more personalized to your own tastes. Do you want something that shows your rebelliousness? Consider these.

Rubber Bracelets for Men

Rubber Bracelet for Men

Rubber Bracelets, generally, are those brightly colored political bands. Generally, they are not for aesthetics and are not really a fashion statement. But they work as a political statement. Unfortunately that means they are only suitable for a more casual settings. Besides a cause you are passionate about, it is generally not a great idea to wear them all the time.

Wearing a bracelet should seem natural. Experimenting and boldness can be great as well, do not be afraid to do that - remember the bracelet can be taken off. It isn’t an essential part of your wardrobe. It is just an option - like other accessories - a watch, earrings, rings - what works for one guy may not work for the next. These are choices that are highly personal and subjective.

All in all, a bracelet should complete your look and act as a complement to your outfit. The more effortlessness you make bracelet wearing, the better it will be. They are the easiest of accessories to wear. But since you wear different outfits for different situations, finding the right bracelets that fit each outfit may be complicated. Hopefully this guide has helped make it clearer for you.

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