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Dreaming Within Blossoms

In the dance of light and shadow, our pieces whisper tales of the earth’s essence. Sterling silver, gemstones, and crystals merge to capture nature's serene strength. It’s more than a gift—it’s a tribute to the extraordinary women who enrich our lives with grace and happiness.

Offer them this emblem of love and renewal. Watch their essence unfold, subtly transformed, with each adornment.

Women's Double Wrap Violet Bracelet with Meteorite and Rose Quartz Bracelets WAA FASHION GROUP

Violet Rose Quartz & Meteorite Bracelet

A bloom of passion, where love is unbound.

from USD 359.00

Rosa Roxburghii Phantom Quartz Macrame Bracelet Bracelets AWNL

Rosa Roxburghii Phantom Bracelet

A bloom so wild and free

USD 129.00

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