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Natural Stone Disclosure

The Essence of Natural Stones

Natural stones are inherently unique, a gift from nature. Variations in texture, color, veining, and pattern are part of their innate beauty. The weight of each stone may also vary. These characteristics contribute to the uniqueness and allure of each gemstone.

Understanding Variations

By choosing our products, you acknowledge that natural stones vary in pattern, texture, weight, and color. The jewelry you receive may differ from the images shown. Additionally, future purchases of similar items may vary in price and appearance, with no guarantee of an exact match to previous items.

Return Policy

No returns, refunds, or exchanges will be accepted after 30 days following the order receipt date.

Image Representation

Our website images aim to give a general idea of the color and pattern variations in each stone. However, discrepancies may occur due to:

  • Variances between different production batches.
  • Lighting effects altering appearance in photos.
  • Color interpretation differences across computer monitors.

We strive to enhance our images to reflect our products accurately. Despite our efforts, capturing every detail and finish can be challenging, and we cannot guarantee the item in hand will be a 100% match to online images.

Embrace the Natural Artistry

At AWNL, we invite you to explore the inherent beauty and variations of natural gemstones. Each piece in our collection is a celebration of the earth's art, untouched by artificial processes. The fractures, the gentle cloudiness, the dance of colors — every feature is a chapter in the stone's grand geological narrative. These are not mere details; they are the very essence of their charm, offering a connection to the natural world's elegance and diversity.

To discover more about the unique characteristics that define each gemstone's beauty, we welcome you to learn more about the natural variations and artistry of gemstones.

Amendments to Disclaimer

AWNL reserves the right to modify this Natural Stone Disclaimer and other terms on our site at any time, without prior notice.

Contact Us

Should you need assistance or have questions about our natural stones, feel free to reach out at We are dedicated to helping you discover a piece that truly resonates with the natural elegance and story you seek to tell.We are always here to help.