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AWNL About Us Brand Story History

Our Story

Like the first letter A that sets the tone,

Our story began with an adventure unknown.

AWNL Stockholm Jewelry About  Us Meteorite Discovery

Our story traces back to 1924 in northern Sweden, when a team of explorers stumbled upon the extraordinary Muonionalusta meteorite. This meteorite, estimated to have fallen to Earth over a million years ago, holds a captivating tale within its cosmic structure. Little did they know, this encounter would shape the birth of AWNL (All We Need is Love).

AWNL Stockholm About Us Brand Story Meteorite Jewelry Design

Influenced by the protective power of a real shooting star, we have crafted the exquisite Muonionalusta meteorite jewelry collections, infused with the essence of Scandinavian elegance. Honoring the cosmic origins of the meteorite and embracing the captivating natural allure of gemstones, our jewelry embodies a harmonious blend of natural beauty and healing energy.

We believe, each jewelry piece crafted from meteorite carries a profound and soulful essence, forging an intimate connection between ourselves and the vast universe. At the same time, the meteorite's protective power acts as a guardian, shielding us from negativity and empowering us to manifest our deepest desires — wish upon a genuine shooting star.

AWNL Jewelry Meteorite Jewels Collections

Our exquisite meteorite and gemstone jewelry craftsmanship provides an opportunity to embrace a spiritual Scandinavian lifestyle. Drawing inspiration from our rich heritage and blending it with contemporary influences, our pieces are designed to resonate with modern sensibilities. Through the use of the M meteorite and carefully selected gemstones, we guide wearers towards a unique and holistic experience that celebrates the power of natural elegance.

Sustainability is deeply ingrained in AWNL's values, and to further demonstrate our commitment to caring for our planet. We are committed to using recycled sterling silver in our jewelry production, reducing the environmental impact. Being an ethical brand, we prioritizing transparency in the origin of our materials, meticulously selecting our suppliers to avoid any association with mining exploitation. We actively connect to the communities ensuring fair trading practices and respect for their cultures at the source.

We strive to not only create beautiful and meaningful jewelry but also make a positive impact on both the planet and the people involved in our brand's journey.

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