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Our Story

Like the first letter A that sets the tone, our story began with an adventure unknown.

The Fateful Encounter with the Meteorite

M Meteorite: Destiny, Discovery, Birth

Our story begins in 1924, when an expedition deep into the Swedish wilderness, after a six-month arduous journey, braving harsh weather, finally found the main body of the Muonionalusta meteorite (M meteorite), first mentioned in 1906.

This meteorite, estimated to have fallen in the Arctic Circle of Sweden a million years ago, holds a fascinating story within its meteorite structure. Little did they know that this discovery would become the pivotal moment for the birth of the AWNL (All We Need is Love) brand.

The Birth of AWNL and Our Inspiration

A Starlit Gift

Over countless years and fueled by an unwavering passion, this celestial treasure has been transformed into exquisite jewelry.

Each piece meticulously crafted pays homage to the meteorite's cosmic origins, seamlessly blending its otherworldly beauty with the natural allure and healing energies of gemstones. These creations transcend mere adornments, embodying talismans that radiate protective energy, purifying our surroundings, shielding us from negativity, and instilling courage.

Talisman with a Modern Touch

Born in Sweden, Made for Loved Ones

"Walkabout Talismans"

Inspired by the visionary ideas of Swedish mystic Emanuel Swedenborg, AWNL seamlessly blends the iconic symbols of traditional amulets with contemporary design, crafting unique jewelry that exudes both style and significance.

More than just fashion statements, AWNL's modern talismans offer a pathway to spiritual empowerment and heightened awareness.

Embracing Sustainability, Empowering a Resilient Future

A Pledge to the Planet

AWNL champions sustainability. We prioritize responsible resource use, support local communities, and value cultural heritage.

Since 2021, we've partnered with EARTHDAY.ORG, a global environmental leader, to protect our planet.

Recognizing Earth as our home, we consistently embrace sustainable practices. We believe collective action is key to a thriving future. AWNL remains committed to environmental responsibility, seeking innovative ways to minimize our impact and promote sustainability.

Together, create a world where humanity and nature coexist, ensuring a resilient future for generations to come.


Community and Connection

Discover the faces of AWNL—real people, real stories. Our community page showcases the elegance of AWNL through the eyes of key opinion leaders, each piece worn a personal testament to style and substance.