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Our Story

Like the first letter A that sets the tone, our story began with an adventure unknown.

AWNL Stockholm Jewelry About  Us Meteorite Discovery

A Northern Tale

In the quiet of Sweden's northern expanse, where the aurora lights up the night sky, AWNL's story began. It was 1924 when the Muonionalusta meteorite was discovered, a relic from the dawn of the cosmos, nestled in the wild Scandinavian landscape.

Legacy of Love

AWNL, standing for "All We Need is Love," emerged from this discovery. Our collections pay tribute to the journey of the Muonionalusta, embodying the essence of Scandinavian design—understated elegance, enduring style, and a touch of modernity.

The Art of Simplicity

Our designs are a tribute to nature's masterpieces, guided by the Scandinavian principles of minimalism and functionality. We strike a harmony between rugged natural beauty and polished finesse. With the M meteorite at the heart of our work, we offer a collection that is both a journey of style and a nod to the celestial origins we all share.

AWNL Stockholm About Us Brand Story Meteorite Jewelry Design

Stardust and Stories

Every AWNL jewel tells a story, each a fragment of stardust. More than mere accessories, our pieces are crafted to be talismans, connecting the wearer to the vastness of the cosmos. They are designed to be protectors, fashioned from silver and stone, and charged with the ancient energy of the stars.


Community and Connection

Discover the faces of AWNL—real people, real stories. Our community page showcases the elegance of AWNL through the eyes of key opinion leaders, each piece worn a personal testament to style and substance.


A Pledge to the Planet

Our commitment to the planet is unwavering. We choose recycled sterling silver, embracing sustainability and reducing our environmental impact. Our ethos is one of transparency, ensuring fair trade and cultural respect in every facet of our supply chain.