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Our Vision for Sustainable Jewelry and Actions in Environmental Protection


Swedish Jewelry, Mindfully Crafted

At the heart of our Swedish brand lies a dedication to nurturing both humanity and our earth. We believe jewelry should do more than just embellish; it should elevate and inspire.

Our ethos is woven with threads of environmental care and sustainable practices. We cherish our world, and this reverence shapes our brand's core.

We're committed to preserving our planet's treasures. That's why our jewelry is born from natural materials, honoring our environment at every step. Our aim? To make an impact that extends beyond our designs. We aspire to craft an eco-conscious legacy, mindful of today and protective of tomorrow.

Our brand mission - spread positive healing energy
our commitment to fair practices

Conscious Craftsmanship

Our Pledge to Conscious Sourcing and Fairness

Ethical jewelry stands as a cornerstone of our identity. We hold a conviction: beauty in form can harmonize with responsible origins. Our journey involves rigorous steps, ensuring our pieces mirror our dedication to sustainability and ethics.

transparent supply chain

Transparent Material Journey

We champion clarity in our material origins. Our selection process for suppliers is precise, sidestepping any ties to mining exploitation. This stance is our effort against human displacement, child labor, and unfair practices. Our commitment extends to enriching both the environment and the hands that bring our gems to light, ensuring a symbiotic bond with the Earth.

support for small businesses

Empowering Small Enterprises and Communities

Our support reaches out to small businesses and communities in South Africa and Brazil, fostering fair wages and job growth. We're dedicated to fairness in our supply chain, safeguarding ethical treatment and safety at every stage.

reject conflicts of interest

Unwavering in Ethical Integrity

Our resolve against sourcing from conflict-ridden areas is absolute. Our sourcing principles are stringent, partnering only with suppliers aligned with ethical values. This ensures transparency and responsibility in our practices.

safe working conditions

Prioritizing Artisan Well-being

Our focus on safety is unwavering. Gem cutting is a craft we honor with utmost care, conducted in secure environments to protect against health risks, especially respiratory issues common in gemstone cutting. The health and safety of our artisans are paramount in our process.

Sustainable Jewelry

Celebrating Earth's Treasures with Conscious Choices

Our ethos is deeply rooted in sustainability, shaping how we craft our jewelry. Here's a glimpse into our commitment to creating pieces that are as kind to the planet as they are beautiful.

we use recyclable materials

Recycled Metals: A Step Towards Healing Earth

Our choice of recyclable metals is a conscious effort to lessen environmental strains like soil erosion and pollution. We opt for sustainable sources like battery scrap and celestial meteorites, ensuring our silver and gold are as responsible as they are radiant. These materials don't just reduce our ecological footprint; they bring the raw, natural energy of the earth into our designs.

our eco-friendly gift packing

Skin-Friendly, Earth-Friendly

Our jewelry eschews chemicals and synthetics, offering a pure, skin-friendly experience. We're proud of our partnerships with ethical supply chains and small businesses globally, emphasizing sustainable mining and production.

Our commitment extends to our packaging. Crafted from recyclable materials, our packaging blends functionality with environmentally conscious design. Every AWNL collection incorporates sustainable elements, making each item distinct and earth-friendly. Choosing our jewelry means embracing a package that respects and protects nature, fully recyclable and beautifully crafted.

Uniting for the Planet

Our Alliance with Earth Day for a Brighter Tomorrow

certificate of supporting the Invest in our planet
certificate of supporting the Invest in our planet

At AWNL, giving back to our community and planet is a pillar of our ethos. Since 2021, we've joined hands with Earth Day, the vanguard of the global environmental movement. Earth Day has been a beacon of change since 1970, inspiring over a billion individuals to act for our planet.

Our partnership with EARTHDAY.ORG sees us answering their call in The Canopy Project. This vital effort combats deforestation, tackling the climate crisis and enhancing biodiversity. Our involvement is more than planting trees; it's about nurturing habitats, maintaining nature's balance.

canopy project with EARTHDAY.ORG

With each piece of AWNL jewelry you purchase, you contribute to a greener planet, aligning your choices with environmental stewardship. Your purchase becomes a tangible step towards combating deforestation and minimizing carbon footprints.

Our commitment permeates our entire operation – from production to delivery, we're dedicated to making a difference. Join our journey towards a sustainable future, where each decision enriches our planet and safeguards future generations.

Beyond our sustainable operations, we actively participate in initiatives like the DECADE PLAN and the MILLENNIUM PLAN, directly addressing the climate crisis. With every AWNL purchase, you're not just acquiring a piece of jewelry; you're joining a movement for a sustainable world. Discover more about our role in these climate solutions and how, together, we're shaping a greener future.