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Our Vision for Sustainable Jewelry and Actions in Environmental Protection


Spreading Positive
Healing Energy

As a Swedish jewelry brand with a heartfelt commitment to the well-being of both people and our planet, our vision is rooted in the belief that jewelry should not only adorn, but also uplift and inspire. With this guiding principle, we have carefully crafted our brand DNA to encompass environmental protection and sustainability, as we wholeheartedly care about the world we live in.

We understand the importance of preserving our natural resources, which is why we have chosen to work exclusively with natural materials in our jewelry creations. By prioritizing environmental sustainability in every step of our product line, we aim to create a positive impact that resonates far beyond our designs. Our ultimate goal is to build an eco-friendly brand that not only meets the needs of today but also safeguards the interests of future generations.

Our brand mission - spread positive healing energy
our commitment to fair practices

Crafting Ethical Jewelry

Our Commitment
to Responsible Sourcing
and Fair Practices

We consider ethical jewelry to be a fundamental pillar of our brand. We firmly believe that it can be both aesthetically pleasing and responsibly sourced. We have taken extensive measures to ensure that our jewelry reflects our commitment to sustainability and ethical practices. 

transparent supply chain

Transparent Material Sourcing Supply Chain

We prioritize transparency in the origin of our materials, meticulously selecting our suppliers to avoid any association with mining exploitation. By doing so, we actively work to prevent human displacement, child labor, unfair wages, and exploitation. We are dedicated to rewarding the environment and the workers who source the gems, fostering a harmonious relationship between our jewelry and the Earth.

support for small businesses

Support for Small Businesses and Communities

We actively support the supply of gemstones to small businesses and communities in South Africa and Brazil. By doing this, we contribute to fair wages and the creation of job opportunities. We ensure that everyone involved in the supply chain is treated fairly, ensuring their safety and ethical treatment throughout the process.

reject conflicts of interest

Rejection of Conflicts of Interest

We vehemently reject gemstone sourcing from any sources that have conflicts of interest. Our strict sourcing policies ensure that we only work with suppliers who adhere to ethical practices, promoting transparency and accountability.

safe working conditions

Safe and Secure Working Environment

We are committed to providing a safe and secure working environment for all those involved in our production process. Gemstone cutting is carried out by hand in workshops under complete protection, eliminating any potential threats to physical health, particularly respiratory diseases caused by gemstone cutting. We prioritize the well-being of our artisans and ensure that their health is not compromised.

Sustainable Jewelry

Nurturing Nature's Beauty through Recyclable Materials and Eco-Friendly Packaging

Embracing sustainability and eco-friendliness in our jewelry is a core aspect of us. Here are the key components of our commitment to crafting sustainable and environmentally conscious jewelry

we use recyclable materials

Recyclable Metal Materials

Our use of recyclable metal materials plays a significant role in reducing soil erosion, soil degradation, environmental degradation, and pollution caused by environmental changes. We prioritize the use of recyclable silver and gold sourced from various sustainable avenues, including battery scrap and celestial exotics such as meteorites. By incorporating these materials into our designs, we not only minimize our environmental impact but also present and preserve the natural energies that emanate from authentically raw materials.

Our jewelry is free from chemical or synthetic substances, ensuring a skin-friendly experience for our customers. We take great pride in securing long-term contracts with ethical supply chains, production teams, and small businesses worldwide to emphasize sustainability and ethical mining practices.

our eco-friendly gift packing

Environmentally Friendly Paper Packaging

We are committed to minimizing our carbon footprint and continually improving our manufacturing processes to contribute to a more sustainable future.

Our packaging is thoughtfully crafted from recyclable materials, balancing design and practicality while minimizing our ecological impact. Each AWNL collection features elements of recyclable or sustainably sourced materials, making each piece unique. When you choose to purchase from us, you can expect your jewelry to be wrapped in nature-friendly packaging that is fully recyclable.

Making a Difference Together

Our Partnership with Earth Day for a Greener Future

certificate of supporting the Invest in our planet
certificate of supporting the Invest in our planet

Giving back to the community and the environment is a fundamental aspect of AWNL's mission. We are proud to collaborate with Earth Day, the World's Largest Environmental Movement, in our shared goal of creating a greener planet since 2021. Earth Day, a renowned modern environmental organization established in 1970, has made a tremendous difference by mobilizing over one billion people to take action for our home, the Earth.

As a dedicated supporter of EARTHDAY.ORG, we actively respond to their call by participating in The Canopy Project, a vital initiative focused on combatting deforestation. By engaging in The Canopy Project, we contribute to the fight against the climate crisis while increasing biodiversity. Our efforts involve creating essential habitats for other living creatures on Earth, thus nurturing the delicate balance of nature.

canopy project with EARTHDAY.ORG

In alignment with our commitment to environmental conservation, we pledge to donate one tree for every piece of our jewelry you purchase in collaboration with Earth Day. Through this initiative, you become an integral part of protecting the Earth, making a positive impact with each purchase. We remain steadfast in our determination to combat deforestation and reduce carbon emissions throughout our entire supply chain. From the very first step in our production process to the moment the jewelry reaches your doorstep, we strive to make a meaningful difference.
Join us in creating a sustainable future, where every choice we make contributes to the well-being of the Earth and future generations. 

While our sustainable practices encompass every facet of AWNL's operations, we believe it's essential to take extra steps in addressing the global climate crisis directly. Learn more about our active contributions to climate solutions and our involvement in initiatives like the DECADE PLAN and the MILLENNIUM PLAN. Every purchase from AWNL contributes to these commitments, making our customers partners in our mission for a more sustainable world.