sustainability statement

We are a Swedish talisman jewelry brand committed to spreading positive healing energy to the world. Since we make jewelry using only natural materials, environmental sustainability has always been our top priority in our product line. We are building an eco-friendly brand to guarantee the interest of everyone engaged and a good environment from now and for future generations.


We secure long-term contracts with silver supply chains, production teams, and small businesses worldwide, emphasizing ethical mining and sustainability. We use recycled silver pieces, off-cuts, and non-traditional materials sourced from local communities.

We strive to present and preserve natural energies without any chemical or synthetic material in the manufacturing process. As a pioneer in jewelry from authentically raw materials, we provide skin-friendly jewelry to our customers.

Each AWNL collection features various elements of recyclable or sustainably sourced materials; every piece is unique. When you purchase an amount of AWNL, you will receive nature-friendly wrapping in a recyclable package.


We are committed to bringing the finest gemstones and crystals worldwide. In doing so, we hold our supply chain, manufacturing processes, and suppliers to the highest standard of sustainable resource development to reduce our carbon footprint as a paramount priority. We support small businesses and communities in South Africa and Brazil for gemstone supplies.

At the same time, our economic impact on local communities means we have the resources to create job opportunities and a positive working environment. We guarantee that everyone in the supply chain is treated fairly, safely, and ethically.


Ally of the Earth Certificate for AWNL

Environmentalism is written in our brand DNA, and we never cease to fulfill our mission. Now AWNL is working with Earth Day to help our mother earth become a greener planet. Earth Day is a modern environmental organization set up in 1970. During the past five decades, it has made a tremendous difference to the world we call home by mobilizing more than one billion people to take action. As a proud supporter of EARTHDAY.ORG, AWNL actively responds to the call and engages in The Canopy Project to deal with deforestation. By doing so, we help fight against the climate crisis and increase biodiversity by providing vital habitats for other living creatures on earth.

Canopy Project Logo

We promise that with Earth Day, we will donate one tree for every piece of AWNL jewelry you purchase. Thus you are contributing your part to protecting the earth. We promise to hold our ground against deforestation and reduce carbon emissions at every step in our supply chain. From the first step to your doorstep, let's make a difference together with AWNL.