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How to Choose Meteorite Bracelets Ultimate Guide - Ideal Gift for Men

How to Choose Meteorite Bracelets Ultimate Guide - Ideal Gift for Men

Every jewellery piece tells a story about yourself. Anyone can get the traditional diamond or gold or silver bracelet, but that is not anything unique or special. Now, imagine wearing a rock on your wrist that is billions of years old. Imagine a jewellery piece made from material from outer space with potent magical energies. At AWNL, we focus on crafting natural, spiritual, and beautiful jewellery pieces using material sourced from meteorites, and you can find out our helpful guide on how to choose your next bracelet using one of the most rare and powerful material available - meteorites. Hopefully with this guide, you can tell the story you deserve.

Types of Meteorite for Bracelet Making on the Market

There are many different types of meteorite bracelets in the market today, from the Mounionalusta or the Sikhote - Alin to the Campo Del Cielo.

The Mounionalusta is a Swedish meteorite that crash landed in northern Scandinavia a million years ago. It is mostly composed of an iron nickel alloy and is over 4.5 billion years old. Literally older than the Earth itself. The meteorite was discovered by meteorite hunters in 1906 near the village of Kitkiöjärvi.

AWNL Meteorite for Jewellery

The Sikhote-Alin is an Iron meteorite that fell in Russia in 1947. It is composed of mostly iron and is also about 4.5 billion years old. The meteorite was discovered by what was then known as the USSR, and because it fell during the daytime, there were many eyewitnesses to the spectacular event.

The Campo Del Cielo is Spanish for “Field of Heaven”. This was a meteorite that crash landed in what is now northern Argentina about 4500 years ago. It was discovered in 1576 when the Argentine governor for the Spanish crown sent an expedition after hearing from local natives about how the iron from their weapons came from a rock that fell from the sky. It is also composed of iron and is about 4.5 billion years old.

Meteorite Bracelet Benefits

Meteorite jewellery is believed to empower the wearer with several spiritual benefits and psychic abilities. Meteorites are strong healers that convey protection and immunity from negativity to the wearer. These meteorites were prized since ancient times for their spiritual connection. As they are from a celestial source, meteorites are attuned to the heavenly bodies above and become a guiding star for the wearer during times of adversity. As a literal shooting star, they are said to manifest dreams and wishes and allow the wearer to shape their destiny.

Nuummite Meteorite Bracelet

Meteorite Bracelet Price Range

Meteorite bracelets can range from as low as 20 dollars to the thousands depending on brand and material used. Bracelets that use more valuable material like gold or silver will be pricier. At AWNL, we offer competitively priced pieces that are affordable for most customers. Generally when decided a price range for your bracelet, try to find one that is suitable for the occasion. If it is a gift for a special event-- a pricier bracelet is probably better. If it is something you are looking for to touch up your outfit, any thing you like at an affordable price range should suffice.

Meteorite Bracelet Geometric Designs

Meteorite Cut

AWNL meteorite bracelets have many different designs, such as sphere design, cube design, star-cut design, pyramid design and sliced design. Generally, the shape most suitable for you are up to your own personal preference. Just be aware of the environment you are wearing your bracelet. If it is in a professional setting, perhaps find shape more suitable for the office. If it is outdoors, find a design that is durable and not easy to get scratched.

5 Stylish Meteorite Bracelets for Men to Wear

 Double Wrap Nuummite Meteorite Bracelet

Our Double Wrap Nuummite Bracelet features unique faceted Nuummite and meteorite beads in a stacked manner. With an engraved deer antler bead that symbolizes vitality and fortune. At the pricier range of $579 USD, this bracelet is a stylish classic.

 Dragon Slayer Bracelet

Our Dragon's Blood Bracelet is inspired by Beowulf’s battle with the dragon and features dragon’s blood jasper which empowers the wearer with courage, strength, and vitality. At an affordable $299 USD, this bracelet can elevate your style with a more masculine energy.

Nuummite Chain

Our Half Chain Meteorite Bracelet with Nuummite magnifies the wearer’s inner charm with the magical properties of Nuummite. Made with a silver half chain and an exquisite silver deer antler bead, this is a potent piece with a more high-end price range of $599 USD.

Double Runes Meteorite Bracelet

Our Hawk's Eye Bracelet with Meteorite is classy piece at an affordable price. At $359 USD, you get this beautifully crafted bracelet inspired by Nordic white magic. The natural hawk’s eye brings protection and blessings to the wearer, as the meteorite itself will amplify the wearer’s magical energies. Wearing this piece can be a powerful magical ward that can repel any negative energies.

Lagoon Meteorite Bracelet

Our Lagoon Meteorite Bracelet features a beaded bracelet with natural hawk’s eye that will bestow protection, blessing and good luck to the wearer. At the medium ranged price of $469 USD, this bracelet is perfect as a classy touch up to your outfit.

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