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10 Different Meteorite Bracelets Meanings You Didn't Know

10 Different Meteorite Bracelets Meanings You Didn't Know

Since ancient times, humans have had a romantic view of the stars and space. Meteorites are born of a fiery collision in outer space. Traveling through the infinite darkness before finally landing on Earth can be regarded as a symbol of eternal romance. The meteorite bracelet carries this message and brings romance right around your wrist.

The Muonionalusta Meteorite

A meteorite, also known as a shooting star, is a solid piece of debris from an asteroid. After entering the atmosphere, most would disintegrate. The color and hue of meteorites may not be as eye-catching as diamonds, but meteorites are exceptionally rare. The Muonionalusta, which formed 4.6 billion years ago and came to the earth through extremely high temperature, high pressure, speed, and fire, is a precious gift from the universe to our Earth.

The Muonionalusta, also known as the Swedish meteorite, is the oldest and most beautiful meteorite on Earth. The first fragment of the Muonionalusta was found in 1906 near the village of Kitkiöjärvi, approximately 140 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle, and fell in the Northern part of Sweden a million years ago.

During its travels through space, it experienced extreme heating and cooling periods. Over time, this stress etched the iron and nickel minerals into a mysterious metal texture - the classic and beautiful Widmanstätten pattern on the surface of the Swedish meteorite. This unique texture provides an authenticity to the Swedish meteorite that is one of a kind.

Meteorite Bracelet Meaning - Talisman with A Modern Touch

Meteorites are different from other gemstones and have always received extraordinary adoration. Ancient Egyptian priests believed that meteorites could make people live longer, and the Prophet Muhammad placed the meteorite in the Temple of Karba in the center of the temples of Mecca as a cornerstone. Due to the development of alchemy, meteorites have also become a symbol of the mystical arts, driving countless European monarchs to pursue precious meteorites in search of the fountain of youth.

Swedish meteorites are considered to have powerful soul protection abilities. It is a strong protector for travelers and people in adversity. It guides the way for lost souls. The Muonionalusta meteorite, which carries the blessing of cosmic energy, empowers the wearer to see beyond the obvious and be blessed by the vast power of outer space.

In Nordic culture, the Swedish meteorite symbolizes the realization of dreams and protection.

Swedish meteorites have incredible energy to focus vibrational waves of people's thoughts and intentions. Medieval magicians would drive Swedish meteorites to serve goals and dreams by concentrating and transmitting power. When ancient healers performed energy therapy, they would hold a Swedish meteorite in their left hand and perform rituals with their right hand. Shamans and mystics would make wands from Swedish meteorites, connecting meteorites scattered throughout the universe. This focuses the external energies on the rod and makes true desires manifest.

Dragonblood Meteorite Bracelet Meaning

Showing Dragonblood Meteorite Bracelet

This bracelet is inspired by the epic of Beowulf, who killed evil dragons. Beowulf was not afraid of external and internal evils, such as the dragon, and his doubts and criticisms. The Dragon bloodstone symbolizes the courage to go forward and the strength to succeed. The Swedish meteorites, which are from outer space, carry the stars' blessings, coupled with the lucky wheel engraved with mysterious Nordic Runes. This unique piece can protect the wearer with ancient energy, turn crisis into opportunity, and make breakthroughs in your life.

Nuummite Double Wrap Meteorite Bracelet Meaning

Showing Nuummite Meteorite Bracelet

Nuummite has a history of 3 billion years and is one of the oldest rocks found on earth. Despite its ordinary look at first glance, all you need to do is look at it from a different angle to produce different colors. Nuummite is also a recognized magic stone that has been an essential tool of European fortune-tellers since the Middle Ages.

It can also enhance telepathy and intimacy, making it a perfect choice for lovers to give gifts to each other. Its strong luster, complemented by the unique Widmanstätten pattern of the Muonionalusta meteorite, is suitable for various styles. In northern Europe, deer can bring people fortune, happiness, health, and longevity. The delicate antler logo of this bracelet bears the same blessing for the wearer.

Gold Obsidian Meteorite Bracelet Meaning

Showing Gold Obsidian Meteorite Bracelet

Gold obsidian is the rarest among thirty varieties and contains rare gold elements. Obsidian is believed to resist, absorb negative energy and bestow protection. Gold obsidian can help restore power and is an excellent choice for gift-giving for friends or coworkers. The golden luster of the obsidian is a perfect match for the Muonionalusta meteorite and can go well with whatever attire you choose. The lucky wheel engraved with runes can help you open opportunities in your life.

Lagoon Meteorite Bracelet Meaning

Showing Lagoon Meteorite Bracelet

This bracelet is made of natural eagle eye stone from South Africa. The unique texture and luster of the polished eagle eye stones remind people of the beautiful Lagoon Nebula. Muonionalusta meteorite brings blessings from outer space to the wearer. Eagle's eye stone symbolizes courage, balance, and clarity, allowing the wearer to keep a clear mind and providing solid insight into work and daily life. Three lucky flying saucer beads placed side by side bring greetings and blessings from the universe.

Double Runes Meteorite Bracelet Meaning

Showing Doube Runes Meteorite Bracelet

The Nordic white magic inspires this bracelet. The Nordic god Odin is the god of wisdom and knowledge. According to Nordic myth, Odin hung himself upside down on a tree for nine days and nights to meditate, discovering magical Runes. Runes are a kind of incantation. As long as it is engraved on wood, stone, metal, or any material, it has infinite power. The double sterling silver rings engraved with Runes paired with the Muonionalusta meteorite bring the wearer the protection and blessing of ancient Nordic magics.

Starry Night Meteorite Bracelet Meaning

Showing Starry Night Meteorite Bracelet

It is said that person who sees the aurora are blessed by the gods and gain eternal happiness. The CZ diamond embedded arch on this piece resembles the day, and the meteorite represents the stars in the night sky. According to myths, Lightchasers chase not only the aurora but also happiness. With the blessings from the Muonionalusta meteorite, satisfaction is not out of reach to the wearer of this bracelet.

Triangular Meteorite Bracelet Meaning 

Showing Triangular Meteorite Bracelet 

This bracelet is inspired by Robert Sternberg's - A Triangular Theory of Love. He proposed three components of love: intimacy, passion, and commitment. His words reveal the truth of love, and these factors are indispensable for a perfect love relationship. The meteorite core crafted exquisitely in a triangular shape demonstrates this theory.

Tree of Life Meteorite Bracelet Meaning

Showing Tree of Life Meteorite Bracelet

The design inspiration comes from the Tree of Life in Norse mythology. As the holy tree of all life, the Tree of Life is considered to be fed by the well of fate and destiny. It is evergreen and symbolizes the longevity and wisdom of the ancients. It is a perfect gift for friends and families.

Paper Airplane Meteorite Bracelet Meaning

Showing Paper Airplane Meteorite Bracelet

Fold a piece of paper into the shape of an airplane, and the airplane-shaped form can fly a long distance. Creativity and imagination are reflected in this process, which finally leads to the design of this bracelet. This design echoes the Muonionalusta meteorite, which once belonged to the universe, symbolizing the freedom of the skies.

Orange Garnet Meteorite Bracelet Meaning

Showing Orange Garnet Meteorite Bracelet

Orange garnet is a beautiful marriage stone, enhancing communication between partners and bringing stability and happiness. The bright color and hue bring warmth to the wearer. Accented with a Muonionalusta meteorite, wishes can be manifested once the wearer holds this piece in hand.

The Bottom Line

Meteorites have been rare and highly sought after by artists and mystics since ancient times. Meteorite jewelry is a perfect choice for those who want to own meteorite jewelry that is not just a specific piece but that comes with a unique origin story. Classy yet affordable, these bracelets will imbue you with spirituality and look good.

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