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Meteorite Necklace Men’s and Women’s Ultimate Choosing Guide

Meteorite Necklace Men’s and Women’s Ultimate Choosing Guide

Meteorite necklaces are no ordinary jewellery piece. Imagine wearing a rock that is billions of years old. A rock that travelled millions of miles in the icy depths of space to land on our planet Earth. There are many types of these meteorites-- the Muonionalusta that crashed landed in northern Scandinavia a million of years ago to the Moldavite meteorite from southern Germany and the Czech Republic about 15 million years ago. Imagine these rare and powerful rocks turned into exquisite necklaces. That is quite a spectacular origin story to make quite an unique piece of fine jewellery for you.

Meteorite necklace meaning

People have prized these meteorites since ancient times for their strong healing properties and psychic abilities. As they are from a celestial source, meteorites are specifically attuned to the heavenly bodies above, becoming a guiding star for the wearer during times of adversity. A lodestar for your destiny. Representing space and time and the eternal line of fates, wearing these powerful necklaces can instill the wearer to greater spiritual attunement. As a literal shooting star, they are said to manifest dreams and wishes and allow the wearer to shape their life course.

Is meteorite necklace real?

The Muonionalusta meteorite is an octahedrite with traces of stishovite. An exceptionally rare mineral, that has only been found in association with a few meteorite impact structures. The science of the dating of this meteorite is very precise. Some of this meteorite formed into radioactive isotopes that break down slowly into more stable isotopes. By measuring the ratio of different isotopes and comparing that with other dating techniques, scientists can measure with pinpoint accuracy the age of this rock as well as its interstellar origins. It is actually one of the oldest solids formed in our solar system.

AWNL Meteorite Certification

Moldavite is classified as a Tektite. Also known as a meteorite crystal or glass. From southern Germany and the Czech Republic. Dated to about 14.7 million years ago. It is a powerful Impactite with a beautiful green color. Although once plentiful, the Czech government has recently imposed mining restrictions on Moldavite, making this meteorite harder and harder to find.

Is meteorite necklace safe?

Unless you have a specific allergy to nickel. Meteorites are perfectly safe. Although there are trace amounts of radiation emitted from meteorites, unless it is made from uranium, which the Muonionalusta and Moldavite meteorites are not, they will not be highly radioactive.

What are the meteorite pendant benefits?

Meteorites are powerful. Essentially extraterrestrial in origin, meteorites possess and instill strong psychic energies. Iron meteorites were also commonly associated with balance and strength, and the nickel in these meteorites was believed to purify the wearer's blood. The Muonionalusta can expand spiritual consciousness and were attractive to philosophers, spiritual priests, and royalty. Moldavite is a popular crystal that can help the wearer find true love and help with astral projection travel. All meteorites are prized for their ability to imbue vitality and give the wearer spiritual attunement with our celestial bodies with great benefits for meditation, communication, and dream and wish manifestation.

Is meteorite necklace worth money?

These rare and one of a kind meteorites will be increasing harder to find. Any meteorite is zero-sum. They do not grow on trees, but only come from sources in outer space. Although there are plenty of meteorites that come to Earth, many burn up in the atmosphere before landing. Therefore, it is rare to find meteorite gems that are fit for the process of transformation into jewellery.

How to choose the perfect meteorite necklace?

First you would need to look at the pendant size and design of the necklace. This is a personal preference, of course, but be aware of what outfits and style you normally choose to wear when selecting a necklace. As with all jewellery, necklaces are made to accent the outfit. The chain style is another consideration, thicker chains are generally more masculine and thinner ones are more feminine. You also might want to consider the season you choose to wear your necklace. Length is the final consideration. For someone with a smaller body type, you do not want a necklace that is too long. Whereas a shorter necklace would not be suitable for bigger body types.

Meteorite necklaces are powerful pieces of jewellery. Not only do they have strong psychic and healing energies. They are unique among necklaces because of their fantastical out of this world origins. The meteorites themselves are millions of years old and have traveled millions of miles. They are exceptionally rare and exquisite. Turned into potent spiritual necklaces that imbue the wearer with strong energies, they make the perfect gift to spice up your outfit while also protecting yourself. Wear something older than the Earth. Wear something with extraordinary power. Wear meteorite necklaces.

Types of authentic meteorite necklaces

Meteorite cross necklace


The cross pendant is a classic design, yet never outdated. Our craftsman have inscribed strong magical Runes on it. These Runes were originally a part of an ancient ritual performed by Nordic wizards as a wish granting magical rite. The centrepiece is a pyramid-shaped Muonionalusta meteorite which amplifies the magical blessings of the piece.

Meteorite dog tag necklace


With a design philosophy of less is more and simple is classic, our craftsman have made a sleek, minimalist necklace with Muonionalusta meteorite flakes attached to its surface. The rhodium plated necklace a symbolization of firmness of heart and persistent striving towards goals.

Meteorite iron necklace


Our pendants are studded with Muonionalusta meteorite flakes. These octagon energy columns are the culmination of fine art and experienced craftsmanship. The potent essences this necklace has will give its wearer the ability to overcome obstacles and remove blockages in their bodies, allowing them to be fearless and brave in the face of adversity.

Meteorite star necklace



Inspired by the beauty of a lunar eclipse, this sterling silver meteorite necklace takes the form of the moon. This will imbue the wearer with strong magic and lets the wearer’s personality and attraction channel through.

Lunar meteorite necklace / moon meteorite necklace

Inspired by the dark sky park, a distinguished nocturnal environment of the moon and stars, this necklace is decorated with the Muonionalusta meteorite. The meteorite imbues the wearer with strong protection and manifests wishes into reality.

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