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Talisman With a Modern Touch - Meteorite Jewelry from Sweden - AWNL

Talisman With a Modern Touch - Meteorite Jewelry from Sweden - AWNL

“They are the oldest substances in the world,  

They travel the furthest distances. 

These are the ashes of another generation, 

When I play with a meteorite with my fingers, 

It can be said that no one has touched anything older, 

It is simply staring at eternity.”                                                         

— Werner Herzog.

The vastness of space and the beauty of the stars can be a source of wonderment and awe. Our universe has inspired countless explorers, scientists, philosophers, and artists. Now you can own a piece of that heritage in your hand. If you are a space enthusiast or just a friend of one looking for the perfect gift, then anything related to meteorites won’t lead you astray.

A Real Piece from the Outer Space

One of the unique meteorites in the world is the Muonionalusta, a Swedish meteorite that crash-landed on Earth a million years ago. This piece is formed in the icy depths of space over 4.5 billion years ago, which is older than the Earth itself. With this incredible pedigree, the Muonionalusta has inspired people's desire for worship and exploration.


Showing AWNL Meteorite Dogtag Necklace

From mystics and shamans to great warriors and kings, the Muonionalusta has been used throughout history as a powerful source of spiritual energy. A real shooting star in your hands with the ability to manifest dreams into reality by connecting to higher consciousness and allowing the wearer to unblock evils and separate true desires from base wants.

This meteorite channels energy from its long travels in space to the wearer giving a powerful aura of protection. It makes the Muonionalusta a potent healer, purging negative energy and disposing of traumas or demons that may haunt your spiritual being. With this spiritually powerful piece, meteorite jewelry will make a dazzling statement for your outfit and give you a potent device to manifest your energy.

Fundamental Meteorite Gift Ideas for Space Lovers

  • Get Cosmic with Muonionalusta Meteorite Accessories

Meteorite jewelry and accessories are excellent choices for gift-giving, from necklaces to bracelets, from rings to earrings. With various options and styles at a decent price point, these make the perfect gift for any outer space enthusiast. Be it for treating yourself or as a gift for a friend or significant other, they are great for any special occasion.

Meteorite Necklace for Space Lovers

Showing AWNL Cross Meteorite Necklace

You don’t have to dress up like a dazzling colored galaxy to add a sense of the cosmic to your outfit; a piece of low-key jewelry made of the meteorite will suffice to be a strong statement. Anyone can give out traditional jewelry like stodgy gold or silver; meteorite jewelry is something unique that tells a compelling story, offers powerful spiritual energy, and gives a fancy touch to any outfit.

  • Decorate Your Space with SPACE - Meteorite

Another option is to get a genuine meteorite in your home, framed or encased. Such meteorites can add a sense of the exotic to your home design. Not only will these meteorites channel strong, potent magic to protect your living space, but they can be a high-class statement for any visitors.

Meteorite Necklace for Space Lovers

Hopefully, these gift ideas have been helpful to you in deciding what you want for yourself or others. Space has inspired countless people throughout history; let your outfit or home be the inspiration for you. Be the person you want to be and manifest your reality with the cosmic beauty of a meteorite.

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