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Black Gold Super Seven

Alchemist's Dream

Powerful - Integrative - Mystical

Black Gold Super Seven is a rare and potent variety of Super Seven, also known as Melody Stone. This unique gemstone is composed of seven different mineral inclusions, creating a complex and synergistic energy.

This stone is revered for its ability to integrate and amplify the properties of its constituent minerals. It symbolizes unity, spiritual growth, and the harmonization of diverse energies for higher purposes.

Gemini | All Chakras
Spiritual Strengths:
  • Offers a profound connection to the higher self and the universe, fostering spiritual awakening.
  • Encourages the integration of diverse energies, facilitating balance and harmony.
  • Amplifies intuition and psychic abilities, aiding in spiritual communication and insight.
Best Practices and Applications:
  • Utilized in meditation and spiritual practices for its comprehensive energy alignment and amplification.
  • Carrying or wearing this stone can enhance personal energy fields and promote a sense of wholeness.
  • Ideal for those engaged in spiritual exploration, seeking to deepen their intuitive abilities, or desiring a comprehensive harmonization of their energies.

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