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The Mystical Properties of Nuummite: Listen to Your Inner Self

The Mystical Properties of Nuummite: Listen to Your Inner Self

What does Nuummite look like?

Nuummite is a rare and potent crystal, exclusively found in Greenland. This ancient mineral is estimated to be around 3 billion years old, making it one of the oldest known minerals on earth. The stone is characterized by its tightly packed crystals, metallic luster, and sparkling rainbow specks, making it an unparalleled beauty and an excellent talisman for protection against negative energies.

Nuummite is often referred to as the Sorcerer's Stone, as it draws on the fiery energy of the ancient Earth and combines it with the element of the storm, creating a potent combination of power and protection. The stone can only be safely mined during a few warm months of the year when the ground thaws.

What does Nuummite look like?

While the primary color of Nuummite is black, it can also be found in a charcoal gray hue. The crystal is known for its tight crystal growth, short particles, and metallic luster, which gives it a fantastic shimmering rainbow of colors. Its laboratory fluorescence display may include hues of red, orange, yellow, green, silver, blue, and violet.

Types of crystals for protection

There are two types of crystals for protection: black crystals such as black tourmaline, onyx, obsidian, and jet, and shiny crystals such as tiger's eye and labradorite. While black crystals absorb low vibration energies and unwanted energy from your life, shiny crystals reflect negative and unwanted energies away from you. Nuummite is one crystal that combines the properties of black and sparkly crystals, making it a powerful protector.

Types of crystals for protection

Metaphysical properties of Nuummite

Nuummite is an ancient stone that embodies powerful metaphysical properties. There is a strong element of the earth's magical and mysterious vibrations in this dark stone. Nuummite allows those evolved enough to work with its intensity to penetrate deep into their subconscious mind and gain a clear vision of their true self. It helps to release trapped energy and brings the gifts of inner strength, healing, and self-management.

Using Nuummite as a talisman

Nuummite has been used throughout history as a powerful amulet of protection from negative energies such as black magic, evil spirits, or curses. Carrying a piece of Nuummite with you can protect your energy and keep you safe from constant negativity.

Metaphysical properties of Nuummite

How to use Nuummite

To use Nuummite, connect with the Earth by lying on the bare earth at night and holding the crystal against your heart or placing it on your root chakra. This will help you connect with the spiritual consciousness of our planet, the trees, and the plants.

Nuummite's physical and emotional healing energy

Nuummite is not only a powerful protector but also a potent healer. It can relieve pain and discomfort associated with headaches, clarify or strengthen vision and speech, stimulate blood circulation, treat disorders of the central nervous system or the brain, stimulate mental acuity, and reduce anxiety and stress. Moreover, it is supportive of fathers, especially single fathers, and assists anyone who wishes to resolve issues with their own father or grandfather. Nuummite teaches honor and respect for oneself and others, and calls for fulfilling responsibilities, commitments, and obligations made to others in relation to this life and letting go of that which is irrelevant.

Nuummite's physical and emotional healing energy

Enhancing the power of Nuummite

To enhance the power of Nuummite, use the element of Earth, bury the crystal in the earth, and add other energies that resonate with this crystal, such as the animal guides of bears or the plants of pepper. Cayenne pepper can be added to your diet or the flower essence for awakening your earth star chakra. Black pepper is also good for protection and can be sprinkled around a space or around your home or diffused as an essential oil.


Nuummite is a beautiful and powerful crystal that provides protection, connects with the spiritual consciousness of the planet, and assists in healing physical and emotional issues. With its combination of black and sparkly crystals, Nuummite is a unique and potent protector. By combining Nuummite with other energies that resonate with this crystal, you can enhance its power and unlock its full potential. However, one should always use this stone respectfully and with the right intentions, as harmful intentions can rebound back to the user.

connects with the spiritual consciousness of the planet

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