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11 Celtic Symbols & Meanings in Jewellery

11 Celtic Symbols & Meanings in Jewelry

"Celtic Symbols and Meanings in Jewellery for Strength, Family, Love and Courage"

In the relentless pursuit of the latest trends and fashion-forward styles, the ancient wisdom and timeless allure of jewelry are often overlooked. But what if we told you that each intricate design carries a tale as old as time, brimming with deep-rooted symbolism and significance?

Tracing Back the Roots: The Origin and History of Celtic Symbols

The Celtic culture, originating in the Iron Age and Medieval Europe, has left an indelible imprint on the history of art through its distinctive symbols and motifs. Not just ordinary adornments, these symbols served as powerful tools of communication, each encapsulating a wealth of cultural wisdom and stories.

This complex celtic symbolic system hails from various influences, including Scottish, Irish, and even Viking traditions. The celtic symbols found their expressions in various forms: intricately carved stones, metal jewelry pieces, illuminated manuscripts, and even in the legendary Celtic warriors' tattoos.

The Origin and History of Celtic Symbols

In ancient times, the Celts did not have a written language in the way we understand it today. Their beliefs, legends, and wisdom were passed on orally from one generation to another. Their symbols, therefore, formed a crucial part of their narrative tradition.

Celtic symbols were imbued with profound meanings and mystical significance. From the iconic Triquetra symbolizing the tripartite nature of existence - land, sea, and sky or the Triskelion denoting progress and personal growth, to the Celtic Cross, a symbol of faith and culture, each motif has a rich backstory and a spiritual or philosophical message.

Celtic Symbol Meaning in Jewelry Making

Celtic art was not merely decorative. It was deeply symbolic, often representing complex narratives and ideas, including eternity, unity, balance, transition, and even the eternal cycle of life and death. These symbols were interwoven with their spiritual beliefs, daily life, battles, and rituals.

As we step into the world of Celtic symbols, we are not merely appreciating aesthetically pleasing designs; we are exploring a timeless cultural and spiritual heritage, connecting with a deep-rooted wisdom that has traversed centuries. Through AWNL jewelry, we bring these symbols to you, retelling their ancient stories, and reviving their potent symbolism in a modern context.

1. Celtic Wheel Meaning: The Symbol of Eternal Evolution

celtic wheel meaning

The Celtic wheel or the chariot wheel typically represented with six or eight spokes, is steeped in rich history and lore, and is also called the Wheel of The Year. It is a calendar passed down to us by our Celtic ancestors, who are rooted in the rhythm of nature and the universe and the interconnection of all things. People are exhausted living in this strive-driven world. The Celtic Wheel is an ancient map. By spinning into a new world, it can help human beings restore their balance and return to their own sovereignty.

More than a mere artifact, it was seen as a sacred symbol in ancient Celtic polytheism, associated with the powerful wheel-god Taranis - a deity of the sky, sun, or thunder. This intricate celtic symbol could be found prominently depicted on numerous Celtic coins, signifying its importance in the culture.

Celtic Wheel Pendant Necklace

Over time, the Celtic wheel evolved, with a four-spoke design becoming prominent in the Bronze Age. This variant, often identified as a solar symbol or sun cross, held a special place in Celtic mythology. Wearers of Celtic wheel pendants seek the blessings of the divine - an emblem of protection, strength, and a celestial connection. With its cyclical nature, the Celtic wheel is an enduring symbol of eternal evolution, a beacon guiding us on our personal journeys.

2.Triskelion: The Celtic Triple Spiral and its Significance

celtic trisklion

The Triskelion, stemming from the Greek word 'Triskeles' meaning 'Three Legs', holds a prominent position in Celtic symbology. Like three legs in constant rotation around a unified center, this tri-fold spiral pattern signifies perpetual motion. The symbolism runs deep, reflecting the holy trinity in Celtic Christianity and the life cycle – birth, death, and rebirth. When adorned as a tattoo or a pendant, it's believed to energize the wearer, stimulating action, cycles, progress, and evolution.

Often referred to as the Celtic love knot, the Triskelion is among the oldest Celtic symbols. Its three sides embody earth, water, and fire, elemental forces intrinsic to Celtic beliefs. The endless line woven into this symbol embodies love, unity, and eternal life. The Triskelion's transformative energies and profound symbolism make it a cherished icon in the rich tapestry of Celtic heritage.

3. Celtic Triquetra Knot Meaning: The Trinity of Life

triquetra celtic symbol

Known as “Trinity knot”, the Triquetra, a symbol of depth and complexity, holds a revered place in Celtic culture. Often associated with the Christian Trinity – spirit, mind, and body, its roots are intertwined with ancient Pagan symbolism. Its cyclical tri-fold essence represents the past, present, and future, embodying an unbroken timeline of existence. Each curve embodies power, intellect, and love, denoting a balanced life force that manifests as creation, preservation, and destruction.

AWNL's Viking Bracelet with trinity knot

Showing AWNL  Black Onyx Bracelet with Trinity Knot and Runes

A profound family symbol, the Triquetra often signifies mother, father, and child. Early Christians adopted this Pagan icon, where it reflected the elements - earth, air, and water, or the phases of life - birth, death, and rebirth. Although often called a Celtic triangle, it's more accurately a three-pointed figure. This intricate symbol speaks volumes about unity, continuity, and eternal love, making the Triquetra an enchanting emblem in the Celtic narrative.

4. Celtic Antler: Embodying the Vigor of Nature

Celtic Antler Symbol

Showing AWNL Ancient Protection Bracelet

The ever-renewing cycle of antlers falling and regrowing throughout a deer's life marks it as a potent symbol of regeneration and rebirth in Celtic lore. To the Celts, a deer epitomized the formidable forces inherent in nature, a sacred creature that was cherished and revered. Antlers, therefore, held a distinguished place among Celtic symbols, embodying the essence of the animal kingdom's unparalleled strength and grace.

Today, antler tattoos find a place on many who seek to express their enduring love and unique temperament. The antler symbol signifies longevity, beauty, compassion, and tolerance. In Western cultures, it often symbolizes enduring love, presenting the antler as a multifaceted emblem of life's resilience and the unwavering power of affection. Its enduring symbolism makes it a captivating element of Celtic-inspired designs, and a testament to the strength and beauty of nature.

5. Four-leaf Clover: Celtic Charm of Fortune

Four Leaf Clover

The four-leaf clover also originated from Celtics. The first leaf represents hope, the second leaf represents faith, the third leaf is love, and the fourth leaf is a symbol of luck. Each leaf resonates with these optimistic sentiments, serving as a beacon of good fortune and positivity. To possess a four-leaf clover is to hold all of Earth's blessings, a token whispered to bring prosperity by the fairies themselves.

6. Mystic Celtic Runes: the Language of the Cosmos

Celtic Runes Meaning

Showing AWNL Viking Collection

There are 24 Celtic runeseach with a unique significance like energy, reconciliation, transformation, and rebirth, make up the runic alphabet. These mystical glyphs, termed "rún" or secret in modern Irish, are a bridge to the ethereal, a language that articulates the ebb and flow of the cosmos.

7. The Celtic Knot: Tying the Threads of Infinity

There are multiple knot symbols in Celtic culture. Salor’s knot, Bowen knot, Solomen’s Knot, Trinity knot (Triquetra) and more.

7.1 Sailor’s Knot: Symbol of Enduring Love and Friendship

Celtic salor knot

The Sailor's Knot is a four-pointed Celtic knot, with two entwining, looping lines creating the overall shape. When the Celtic sailors would leave home, they wove notes to remember those left behind. The Sailor's knot is a Celtic symbol for strength and love.

7.2 Solomon’s Knot: A Celtic Emblem of Wisdom and Protection

celtic solomon knot

The knot has no visible beginning or ending, and is thus believed to represent immortality and eternity. In association with the Biblical monarch Solomon because of his reputation for wisdom and knowledge, the knot is called the seal of Solomon. The two entwining figure has also add another meaning – love to the knot, making it a Celtic symbol for love.

7.3 The Tree of Life (Celtic sacred trees or fairy tree): The Sacred Celtic Symbol of Connection

Tree of Life


Showing AWNL Tree of Life Bracelet

The Tree of Life also takes the form of a complex Celtic knot, signifying harmony with nature, it might also represent balance, particularly in relation to the balance of nature and the 4 seasons. In Celtic mythology, trees are sacred figures. They represent wisdom and prophet who has the knowledge of all times. Balance and wisdom is the meaning behind this Celtic symbol.

7.4 Dragon Knot: Awakening the Celtic Power and Valor

celtic dragon knot

Almost all cultures around the world have some kind of creature similar to the mythological dragon, and Celts were no different. In Celtic artwork, dragons were often depicted with their tails in their mouths, symbolizing the cycle of nature and immortality, as well as power and energy. Often twisted upon itself, the symbol begins to resemble Celtic knots.

8. Celtic Cross: A Symbol of Faith and Unity

Celtic Cross

Showing AWNL Cross Pendant Necklace

The Celtic cross is somehow derived from the Celtic wheel cross with only 4 spokes, resembling the sun cross.

With origins in the Celtic wheel cross, the Celtic cross symbolizes faith and unity. The emblem is a testament to the resilience of belief, and the strength in unity, marking it as a significant piece in the repository of Celtic symbols.

AWNL's Celtic Symbols Designs

At AWNL, we celebrate the connection between accessories and their rich heritage, fusing gemstones, meteorites, and Celtic charms and symbols into our designs - each carrying a history spanning millions of years.

In this modern era, where everything is fleeting, AWNL seeks to create timeless pieces that hold a deeper meaning. We see our Celtic-inspired jewelry as a beacon of continuity amidst the changing tides, tying us back to our ancestors and reminding us of the universal truths they perceived.

By wearing AWNL jewelry, you are not just donning an accessory but a symbol of strength, protection, love, and family. These Celtic symbols and meanings are deeply embedded in our designs, ensuring that you carry their powerful essence with you, wherever you go.

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