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Top 30 Matching Bracelets for Couples of All Kinds

Top 30 Matching Bracelets for Couples of All Kinds

There are many ways to show love and affection to your partner, and among them, the matching couples bracelets are a great choice. And there are many options: from the tried and true couple rings; to the cute matching outfits; to something with more permanence, such as matching couple tattoos. Consider matching bracelets for a more fresh and non-traditional way of displaying your commitment and connection to your partner. Not as conventional as the ring, yet still a proper choice. Here we have developed a helpful guide to the perfect bracelet for all couples. From love birds to age-gap teams to power couples, we cover all couples types and pair them with a dazzling bracelet to find the perfect match for you and your partner.

Alphabet Bracelets for Couples

Tiffany’s Elsa Peretti Letter bracelet is a classic bracelet perfect for the coupon-cutting couple. In stunningly classy sterling silver, with any letter of the alphabet available, this is an excellent piece at only 300 dollars and is affordable yet upscale.

For the more fun-loving couples out there. This Roxxanne Assoulin alphabet soup enamel bracelet is excellent. Elasticated and threaded with colorful and vibrant enamel beads. You can even select the letters to match initials for yourself and your partner. Perfect for that typical couple that is more fun than stodgy.

The Wilder Alphabet bracelet is for those young love couples that have been dating each other since childhood. 18k gold plated brass chain with a lobster enclosure is a classy way to display your affection for such a committed long-term relationship. You can select any letter of the alphabet to match initials for yourself and your partner.

Beaded Bracelets for Couples 

For hetero couples, the AWNL couple bracelet collection of men’s and women’s beaded drawstrings is an excellent match. The men’s bracelet comes with an array of gemstones: Onyx, tiger’s eye, dumortierite, and bloodstone with an adjustable drawstring. The women’s bracelet comes with morganite which symbolizes divine love. These pure and simple designs will fit any outfit and elevate the wearer’s glamour, personality, and attraction. 

For the more classy couples, AWNL’s double-wrap beaded bracelets for men and women are a nice touch to any outfit. Unique faceted cut Nuummite and Swedish Mounionalusta meteorite engraved with Nordic symbols are an elegant touch for a high-class couple. The meteorite is a token of love and commitment, while the various Nordic characters and charm tokens serve as an exquisite enhancement.

The AWNL flatbread drawstring bracelet Tree of Life Bracelet with bronzite is a fabulous gift for an LBGTQ couple. The protection bracelet made of white gold plated sterling silver with Mounionalusta Swedish meteorite is a subdued yet striking piece, which can be masculine, metrosexual, or feminine for any LGBTQ couple.

Tennis Bracelets for Couples

This stunning tennis bracelet from Kay Jewellers sparkles with 2-carat round diamonds and 10k white gold with a tongue and groove clasp. These are suitable for those possessive couples that can’t see their partner with anyone else. Although not the healthiest of relationship types, these tennis bracelets are great for showing your partner that they belong to you.

This classic Kay Jeweller branded tennis bracelet is beautifully crafted with 10k white gold featuring interlinking squared frames, each prong-set with shimmering diamonds. These are for those unequal couples where one talks and the other listens. Although not the healthiest relationship dynamic, let these stunning tennis bracelets talk for you.

The J.R. Dunn Private Label, 2 Carat Diamond Tennis Bracelet in 14k White Gold, is an excellent piece. A perfect match for those conflict-avoiding couples. Crafted with 14k white gold and beautiful round-cut diamonds with a push clasp, this expensive gift avoids arguments or confrontation. I would say you are sorry for this piece.

Gemstone Bracelets for Couples

For the artsy couple that loves all things art, the AWNL collection of men’s flatbread drawstring bracelets with a knight’s cross and Picasso jasper is a great way to show off your artistic style. This is the perfect gift for any creative couple, made with Brazilian Picasso Jasper and sterling silver with plated white gold, and accentuated with a knight’s cross.

For the outdoor-loving couple, the AWNL men’s meteorite bracelet with nuummite is an excellent symbol for the love of the outdoors. It has a silver half chain, nuummite, Mounionalusta meteorite materials, and an antler engraved logo. This is an excellent way for you and your partner to show off an outdoorsy style with a touch of class with the white gold sterling silver bracelet and the stylishly symbolic Nordic antler beads.

For those Asian couples or oriental-loving couples, the AWNL men’s flatbread drawstring bracelet of the tiger and red tiger’s eye is a great fitting piece. The Asian lunar festival inspires it with a tiger head centerpiece, symbolizing vitality and fortune in East Asian cultures. This is a classy yet timeless piece topped off with a beautiful South African Red Tiger’s Eye.

Bangle Bracelets for Couples

This Cartier bangle bracelet is the perfect piece for those bashful couples who are a little reticent about public displays of affection. From the Cartier LOVE collection, inspired by the symbol of free-spirited love, its binding closure and screw motif gives it a vibe of permanence. With a selection of White, Rose, and Yellow gold, the choices are endless for you and your significant other. Not as flashy as the typical diamond bracelet, if your relationship dynamic is a bit more subdued, these are the best bracelets for you.

For those ocean-loving couples that can’t seem to stay away from a day at the beach, this Dior Sea Garden Bangle Bracelet will be for you. This delicate and elegant creation with a rigid, gold-finish metal mesh effect is adorned with the Christian Dior signature. The yellow-gold color matches the nice yellow-gold sand of a beach—a great finishing touch to your outfit on a day trip to the ocean.

This Givenchy G Chain Open Bangle Bracelet is hand assembled with tiny G links in weighty polished and brushed metal. This is the bracelet for all the hip, hip-loving couples out there. Made from 100 percent brass with a gold finish, this is a great bracelet that puts the “G” back in “OG.”

Cuff Bracelets for Couples

This Salvatore Ferragamo Lapis Lazuri Cuff Bracelet is an impressive piece. A Boho chic bracelet made with lapis lazuli and metallic beads with the Gancini signature on the clasp with semi-precious stones. For the “just friends” couple that can’t seem to commit to saying they are in a relationship. This deep blue bracelet will commemorate the love between friends that can come on and off. 

For couples that have been together for decades, this Bulgari Serpenti Forever Leather Bracelet is the perfect symbol of their longevity. The iconic contraire brass light gold double-faced snake represents the love and eternal commitment such a long-lasting relationship has. With stylish emerald green galuchat skin and black and white enamel with malachite enamel eyes, this is a symbolic bracelet for that couple in it for the long term.

For that dog-loving couple that goes anywhere with their little buddy, this Valentino Garavani V Logo Signature cuff bracelet is a stylish way to display their love for themselves and their pet. This bracelet is similar to a dog collar in an elegant black and red with calfskin leather and antique brass studs with an adjustable strap. Show your love to your partner and your dogs with this bracelet.

Charm Bracelets for Couples

Thomas Sabo has made an impressive collection of charm bracelets, the perfect fit for that adventurous couple that travels together everywhere. Made with 925 sterling silver with a lobster clasp and the option to attach more charms, you can create your stylish design by connecting a mixture of your symbols or souvenirs from your travels. Commemorate special moments from distant lands with this great collection of bracelets.  

For the cutie couple that prefers an endearing style of jewelry, these Pandora charm bracelets are available in Pandora Shine, Pandora Rose, and sterling silver. With a choice selection of different trinkets and colors, these dazzling bracelets are an excellent fit for that lovey-dovey couple. You can put your favorite charms on them, from heart-shaped silver to Star Wars-branded Yoda.

For that inseparable couple that cannot leave each other alone, this Bulgari branded Sepenti Jewellery collection of charm bracelets are the perfect symbol for that relationship. The ultimate display of glamour and seduction, with radiant gold and sparkling diamonds in an alluring design and exquisite craftsmanship. This is the perfect example of a bracelet that is as inseparable as you are from your partner.

Slider Bracelets for Couples

This Blue Nile graduated bead bolo bracelet is a great slider bracelet for those age-gap couples. The couple where one partner has a significant age gap over the other. Made with sterling silver with a box chain style and bolo clasp, this is a bracelet that represents that love can triumph over some age differences. The timeless style of the pearl-like rhodium-plated beads can pair with any outfit.

For the working couple, these Mikimoto Bracelets are a classy touch to any professional work environment. With white gold and white Akoya pearl bracelets, these are the classic symbol of elegance. Stun your co-workers with a matching pair for you and your partner at work.

The David Yurman Flexible Slider Bracelet in 18k Yellow Gold with Pave Diamonds is an extraordinarily voguish piece. For those long-distance couples that know love has no limits, this stunning bracelet with Pave diamonds and 18k yellow gold with a slider clasp will be a great way to show off your devotion to that far-away partner. Show that your heart will always be there even when you physically cannot with this bracelet.

Chain Link Bracelets for Couples

For those practical couples, Tiffany’s Makers Narrow Chain Bracelet is a very suitable piece for teams that are more about being substantial and grounded than flashy and show-offy. Featuring a simple design with 18k gold links, capturing the practical spirit of classic American design, these bracelets honor Tiffany’s legacy of expert craftsmanship through a modern lens.

Bulgari’s Serpenti Viper Bracelet is a stunning piece to add to your collection for those sexy couples who like to be romantic and passionate. An ultra-modern interpretation of Bulgari’s sleek and alluring design. This bracelet coils around the wrist with a sexy and striking energy. With 18k yellow gold and demi-pave diamonds, this is a fitting piece for those couples that want to keep their passionate energy alive.

The Dior Petit CD Double Bracelet represents the ‘CD’ signature on its gold metal finish chains. The sparkling star with pave of white crystals is a timeless and elegant piece. With a lobster clasp and star details, this bracelet is for that power couple who are influential or successful and need it to display their ambitions.

Wrap Bracelets for Couples

The Glenan Double Tour Bracelet in swift calfskin and palladium-plated Glenan closure perfectly matches the more traditional couples. With a selection of different colors to choose from, this subdued and ungaudy style is excellent for those traditional couples that do not need something flashy to show their love.

The Jonas Studio Bowery Electric Wrap is an eye-catching mix of hand-braided leather rope and a high-shine stainless steel chain. This is the perfect wrap bracelet for those alcoholic couples. With genuine leather, designed in New York City, with various colors to choose from, these are sturdy bracelets you can take with your partner to a night out in town.

A pleasant way to show your love to that food and cooking-loving couple. The Alexander McQueen Hammered Studs Double-Wrap Bracelet is a sensational bracelet that is pleasing to the eye. With black calf leather and an antique-gold finish, and hammered studs, finished with an engraved Alexander McQueen coin and metal skull charm, this is a delight to the eyes, just like your relationship will be a delight to your mouth. For the foodie in you and your partner, this bracelet perfectly represents the love of fashion and fine dining. 

Hopefully, this guide has given you a ton of bracelets to choose from for various couple types. With the holiday season coming soon, why not symbolize your love and commitment with matching bracelets for you and your partner? Bracelets can be a fantastic way to show off your passion while displaying the unique personalities of your relationship, all the while adding a nice finishing touch to any outfit.

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