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Get to Know Us Better and Deeper - AWNL Designers' Notes

Get to Know Us Better and Deeper - AWNL Designers' Notes

How did we begin?

As an early devoted jeweler who went deep into the wilderness of Northern Sweden to unearth the Muonionalusta meteorite, our family has been dedicated to forging this magical material into a variety of fine jewelry for the past four decades. Now, as the youngest generation to inherit the family legacy, we set sail with a contemporary and innovative design framework seeking a breakthrough from the within. “Talisman with A Modern Touch” is how we call ourselves today, and we see it as the ripe time in 2011 to launch our renovated brand AWNL (ALL WE NEED IS LOVE).

We have always been interested in design.

We never stop cultivating new designs and the creative use of new materials and symbols, including Swedish meteorite, Mosasaurs tooth fossil, Tibetan horn bone, and Greenland nuummite.

AWNL Men's Necklace

AWNL interprets a Nordic meditation in combination with carefully selected gemstones, exquisite craftsmanship, Norse symbols, and mysticism. Natural materials hold power and can awaken the hidden potential of the wearer while bringing protection and healing energy.

The morals of our brand

From using recyclable materials to ethical labor practices, we adhere to our creed of eco-friendly production, as environmentalism is written in our DNA. We strive to ensure that every step of the way has a tangible and measurable positive influence on our customers and the planet.

Ally of the Earth Certificate for AWNL

the inspiration behind our meteorite collection

As the oldest meteorite ever discovered, Muonionalusta impacted the Earth one million years ago in northern Scandinavia and was hidden under the north of light for the past four ice ages. “Only around 5% of the meteorites discovered are iron meteorites. This makes the Muonionalusta meteorite a rarity.” - Dr. Thomas Müller, an astrophysicist at the Max Planck Institute.

Imagine something born of a fiery collision in outer space, traveling through the infinite darkness and falling back to a profound silence by your side. It experienced a cosmic era yet stayed true to itself anyhow.

We are thrilled with this idea looping in our heads when handling our meteorite collection design. With unique birthmarks, this out-of-the-earth collection gathers significant energy and power from the infinite cosmos. Hence, making meteorite collections the centerpiece of our product line. From space to daily wear, from asteroids to jewelry pieces, the group was an ideal present for spiritual people, wish makers, and space lovers.

Our fan base.

Our brand lovers are upscale and adventure seekers with a fashion taste serving both the spiritual-wellness and their overall outfit in pursuit of a quality lifestyle.

Our mentors.

The Sweden philosopher and mystic Emanuel Swedenborg (1688–1772) has motivated us the most from the beginning. He was a Swedish natural philosopher and assessor of mines who later became an original Bible exegete, spirit-seer, and theologian. He wrote several books on mathematics, matter theory, metallurgy, astronomy, anatomy, and physiology and was best known for On the Afterlife and Heaven and Hell.

He later abandoned his scientific work and traveled in his dreams to a different world, a spiritual, immaterial world, which is also a place we hope to take our customers to. He is the one who infused the spiritual value to our brand and always would.

Designers' work we particularly admire

Antonio Gaudi and Ieoh Ming Pei. Their whimsical and poetic architectural designs inspire us the most in our jewelry aesthetic and lead our exploration of more rainbow hues and chic and eye-catching styles while adding a hint of elegance to both men and women.

The best piece of advice we’ve ever been given.

It is the joy of our life to do good things even if we do not get anything in return. When we do good things from this inner desire, there is kindness in everything we think, say, want, and do.” - Emanuel Swedenborg.

Based on exquisite craftsmanship and precious healing crystals, we hope AWNL continues to evolve into a brand worn and celebrated by people worldwide. Sustainable and opulent, channeling good vibes of our body and spirit. May the Energy Be with You!

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