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How to Buy An Engagement Ring

How to Buy An Engagement Ring


Finding that one right person to share your life with can seem extremely rare. When that day comes that you decide to pledge yourself in eternal commitment to this person, finding the right ring that demonstrates the love and dedication you have, something unique that coveys the significance of your relationship can be intimidating. There are so many choices. It is a momentous occasion filled with anxiety and pressure but it can also be a thrilling and enjoyable experience. Here at AWNL, we have written tips to help guide you in one of the most important decisions of your life. Find the right ring that one right person deserves.


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This is one of the most important factors for jewellery shopping. The vendor you choose must have a reputation for integrity and professionalism, like AWNL, which has decades of experience in the jewellery industry and a reputation of upstanding service from all our customers. AWNL has a philosophy based on the wisdom of the Swedish mystic, Emanuel Swedenborg. Not only will our jewellery be professionally made by skilled craftsman, but our jewellery are deeply attuned to the spiritual and metaphysical energies swirling in your life and your partner. For a life changing event that an engagement entails, having the right spiritual guidance and protections for your loved ones is essential. Our jewellery are all crafted by master artisans and are designed to infuse modern fashion and design style with ancient Nordic mysticism and natural balance.


Pay attention to what your partner wears. The colors they like or what styles they have in their closet or jewellery box. These can give a lot of hints towards choosing the best ring for your partner. Choose things that they will love or that meets her tastes. If you are still looking for help, asking a close friend or family member may be useful. You can even ask them to browse with you for potential rings.


You can go for just the same diamond ring found at any old jewellery store. Millions of people have proposed with the same tried and true formula. Perhaps that is what your partner prefers. But if you feel like we do, that you have found someone unique and special, then shouldn’t your ring also be unique and special?

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At AWNL, you have the choice of giving your loved one something special. Our one of a kind meteorite rings are just that, rings made from a rock that fell from space. Not only are they billions of years old, they have an extraordinary backstory. The Mounionalusta meteorite is older than the Earth itself and was only discovered in northern Scandinavia in the beginning of the 1900s. What makes this material so exceptional is that the iron-nickel crystals formed unique patterns from its slow cooling in the icy depths of deep space before landing on our planet. Each ring will have beautiful Widmanstatten patterns that are one of a kind and would be one of the oldest things you or your partner will ever touch. The Mounionalusta used to only be worn by Swedish kings and queens and it is said that it imbues the wearer with strong protection energies instilled in it from its long travel in space. It is like wearing a shooting star on your hand, able to manifest your dreams. It symbolizes the enduring romance of the cosmos and would be a fitting embodiment for your enduring love to your partner. Now that is a story that your partner deserves.


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Traditional brick and mortar jewelers will charge thousands of dollars for a simple diamond ring. You should never be pressured to spend more than you are comfortable with in any dealing with a jeweler That is why there is  value in buying from an online retailer. At AWNL, our diamond rings are very accessible and usually range from above 500 dollars for a diamond ring and under 500 dollars for gemstones or meteorite rings but are still made of the highest quality material. Our engagement rings are made from the finest sterling silver and gold. There are options for the traditional diamond engagement ring or something more meaningful with gemstones that imbue strong protective energy properties.


When buying a ring, one of the first things to consider is the shape of your diamond or gemstone.  At AWNL, we offer a variety of shapes from triangle and hexagonal-shaped to pearls. This can all be decided from personal preference although each of our ring shapes correspond to different mystical symbols from Nordic mythology. Some will offer protection from negative vibes, others may magnify the wearer’s healing powers. Some may even symbolize romance or love and engagement. If finding the right energies to channel is important to you, compare our different styles of ring design and find the best one that instills the right energy vibe for your partner. We recommend having some dialogue with your partner about what type of energy styles they may wish to have, without mentioning the ring of course.


Finding the correct size of ring is very important. A ring should fit snugly on the finger. If possible, sneak a ring that you know fits her ring finger and take it to your jeweler and have them check the size. Worse case, the ring does not fit correctly, at AWNL, we offer returns for any jewellery that does not fit. Although the customer is responsible for return shipping fees, exchanging for the correct size is completely free and our experienced customer support associates will be glad to help in any issues.


We at AWNL pride ourselves in our commitment for professional service and fine craftsmanship. While infusing modern design with ancient Nordic mysticism, our jewellery are a balance between the physical and spiritual. Choosing us as your jewellery dealer not only means your loving partner will get a beautifully designed engagement ring but also a unique, one of a kind, story. Anybody can get any old diamond ring from their local jeweler. Our meteorite diamond rings are older than the Earth, forged from the heavens, imbued with strong protective energies, and comfortably within your budget. Now, isn’t this what that special someone you want to spend the rest of your life with, deserves?  They deserve something special; they deserve AWNL.

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