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How to Match Your Jewelry with Manicure

Balancing your look even the smallest details can make a difference, and here we refer to matching your jewelry with manicure. This does not mean that you have to change your manicure every time you wear a different ring or a bracelet. Instead, by following our few simple principles, you can easily change jewellery sets for your nail polish in a pleasant manner.

Avoid Kitsch

Putting excessive attention to your hands or jewelry can be strange and unnatural. Since the excessive visual noise might pop out from your unified style and break the natural flow of beauty. This is also true with nail polish and jewelry – they should never compete but serve as compliments.

pink manicure with pink bracelet

Image Credit: IG @nateishascott

To match expressive rings or bracelets, your manicure would be ideal as a simple pattern with a low-key color. Conversely if your manicure is bold and shining, you don’t want to steal the spotlight by choosing something bright, instead some dusk jewelry to wear would be better.

Echo or Clash in Colors

Colors and lights are the first major visual elements we notice. Either an echo in color or a color clash can build a great visual.

Same color matching – the safest way

If you don't have enough confidence in your matching skills, don't try color-clashing. Dark colors such as sapphire blue or black nail polish are really cool and extravagant when applied, but once you add other bright colored jewelry, the colors may not match. No matter how decent your clothes are, they will still be downgraded by the details of your hands! This can be avoided using colors in the same tone.

Nude color manicure - all-match fashion

manicure with silver

Image Credit: IG @nateishascott

As dark color reigns the shoes industry, nude color definitely dominates the manicure sector. Nude colors just means similar to your skin color, so there is no difficulty to match them with any kinds or colors of jewelry such as bracelets or rings.

Color Clashing: Red and Orange + Emerald Jewelry

Red, pink and orange are the most commonly used colors for nail polishes. Since ancient times, red and blue are natural pairs. Using turquoise to match red-orange nail polishes can present a strong sense of contrast.

Color Clashing:Colorful Manicure + Fritillary Jewelry

Many people like a pale multicolored manicure, especially in summer, since varied candy colors are cute and delightful. When applying multicolored nail polish, use shells and diamond jewelry to add an elegant feeling.

manicure with gold ring

Image Credit: IG @nateishascott

What nail polish goes with silver jewelry?

Gray, soft purple, or periwinkle blue can match perfectly with silver jewellery. White and cold hues of silver jewels can fit with any similar colored manicures.

What nail color goes with gold jewelry?

Gold jewelry tends to have a yellow tint to it. The yellow undertones of the ring or bracelet would be best complemented with a warmer nail color like peach or bubblegum pink. These colors will contrast the yellowish, but also pick up the shine of the gold ring. Dark navy, black or forest green will also do.

manicure with gold

Image Credit: IG @nateishascott

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