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How to Choose Meteorite Earrings – Ultimate Guide

How to Choose Meteorite Earrings – Ultimate Guide

For all of human history, the Muonionalusta meteorite (Swedish meteorite) has been a fascination. They represent an ancient and extraterrestrial power and have been used in all manner of rites and rituals to bestow spiritual energies and protection. Nowadays, jewelers have incorporated meteorites to jewellery, especially on earrings and studs. Traditionally, earrings and studs use typical materials, such as gold, silver, or diamonds. Meteorite earrings, although not as common, represent something much more meaningful. These are rocks with an exemplified air-- billions of years old, extremely rare and exquisite, and imbued with spirituality.

Jewellery brands such as AWNL, a Swedish brand that focuses on natural, spiritual, and beautiful jewellery pieces, use material sourced from meteorites for some of their best jewellery collections. We have written a guide for everything you need to know about meteorite earrings and studs. Hopefully you will find this guide to be helpful and enlightening to finding a new, trendy, and meaningful way to accessorize your ear with items that are not only rooted in spirituality, but are beautiful pieces that can heighten any outfit.

Meteorite Earrings Pro & Cons

Compared to traditional jewellery pieces, meteorite jewellery come with some great benefits. They are rarer, with some meteorites, such as the Mounionalusta-- a 4.5 billion year old meteorite that crashed landed in northern Scandinavia a million years ago-- older than the Earth itself.

Each meteorite also has a unique pattern, called the Widmanstätten. These are special patterns that only emerge when the molten hot nickel-iron core of a meteorite is slowly cooled in the icy depth of space over an extraordinary long period of time. You will not find this type of pattern in any other jewellery material.

Meteorites are also known throughout ancient to modern times as instruments of spiritual power. Throughout history, from priests to mystics, to warriors and kings, meteorite jewellery and trinkets have been used as a way to shield oneself from negative energies and black magic. They are also strong healers, and imbue the wearer with healing energies. They are also said to manifest dreams into reality, they are literal shooting stars on your ear and thus can be used to make your wishes come true.

Although special, meteorite material in jewellery also come with some downsides. They have a tendency to rust and special care must be used to maintain them. Keep these jewellery pieces away from humid or acidic environments. Meteorite jewellery should be kept away from any water. Meteorite jewellery also can be prone to scratches. Fortunately, at AWNL, we use a trademarked technique called “Meteo-Protecta-Tech” which is a special coating process on all our meteorite jewellery, using a hard resin and a thick layer of rhodium to protect against scratches and maintain the shape of the jewellery.

How to Identify Real Meteorite Earrings and the Best Places to Shop

Although meteorite jewellery are a great way to accentuate any outfit, you must be aware to purchase from trusted sources. This is the truly best way to avoid purchasing fraudulent or fake meteorite jewellery . Fine jewellery brands such as Davidyurman and AWNL are great sources for your meteorite jewellery. Marketplaces like amazon, etsy, or ebay can also have reputable vendors, but take consideration for the type of seller on these marketplaces. Are they highly reviewed, with authentic videos, pictures, and commentary? If they are not, it is probably best to avoid purchasing from them. Most reputable buyers have authentication certificates that are recognized as trustworthy.

Meteorite Certification

There are two great ways to tell if your meteorite jewellery is authentic. Generally, meteorite jewellery tend to rust. Again, you should avoid any water for your jewellery, but meteorite jewellery will rust nonetheless from daily wear from the simple fact that your body naturally produces sweat. If in this case, your jewellery has accrued some rust, which may point to an authentic piece. The other way, is that meteorite jewellery, made from nickel-iron is magnetic. Placing your jewellery a safe distance near a small magnet will create attraction. You can use these two simple tests to identify your meteorite jewellery if you are uncertain about its provenance.

Meteorite Drop Earrings or Meteorite Earrings Studs?

There are many types of earrings, from studs and drop earrings, to rings and hoops. Studs are the simplest and are just a small piece of metal worn across a pierced hole. Studs also use a screw mechanism for fitting or sometimes a peg or push lock. Drop earrings are named because the design is “dropping” along your ears. There is some complexity to drop earrings as they can become tangled with clothes or hair, but they are generally more stylish in design. Ring and hoops use a lock or hook fitting mechanism and are of circular design.

The difference between most earring types are quite subtle. Most have to do with the length of your neck or shape of your face. Drop earrings accentuate a longer neck, hoop earrings are more suitable for a wider jawline or face. Earring studs are a more jack-of-all-trades type that can be suitable for most wearers. If you feel you do not need to accentuate your neck, perhaps studs can suffice. If you have a shorter neck, perhaps drop earrings would be better. All in all, it is a more stylizing preference, however studs generally are the default for most types of ear piercings and are a quick and easy way to touch up your outfit without thinking too much.

Platinum Meteorite Ear Studs of Pyramid

Showing AWNL Meteorite Ear Studs of Pyramid 

Designed with the triangular theory of love, these platinum ear studs elevate your personality and attraction. With a meteorite core crafted exquisitely in a triangular shape and touched up with platinum and sterling silver. This is a stunning piece suitable for all styles.

Starry Night Meteorite Ear Studs

Showing AWNL Starry Night Meteorite Ear Studs

Inspired by the Nordic lightchaser. The CZ diamonds embedded arch resembles the day and the meteorite represents the stars in the night sky. With 18k gold plated sterling silver in a unique semi-circle design, this piece is great for that special occasion were you want to dazzle.

The Bottom line

Hopefully this guide has been insightful to you on the meaning behind meteorite jewelry, the best place to get them and best practices for earring care, as well as what are the most suitable meteorite earrings for you. At AWNL, meteorite jewelry are our specialty and we provide a vast collection of earrings and other jewelry pieces that are suitable for any occasion. Accentuate your outfit with something more atypical than the staid traditional earrings and let your ears shine with something beautiful and grounded in spiritual meaning.

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