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Incredible Spiritual Meanings of Lunar Eclipse

Incredible Spiritual Meanings of Lunar Eclipse

What is the Lunar Eclipse?

A lunar eclipse is when the moon orbits into the earth's shadow. In a solar eclipse, the darkest part of the earth’s shadow is called the umbra, with the lighter parts called the penumbra. During a lunar eclipse, the spectrum of light is blocked by the world towards the moon, and only a red wavelength goes through, causing the moon to take on a reddish-orange glow. That’s why lunar eclipses are sometimes called “Blood Moons”.

Lunar eclipses can also be divided into two types. A total lunar eclipse happens when the moon and sun are on opposite sides of the earth, and a partial lunar eclipse occurs when only part of the Earth's shadow covers the moon.

Partial Moon Eclipse

“Blood Moons” happen when there are total eclipses. In some parts of the world, people can easily see every stage of the lunar eclipse, especially in much of Central and South America, Western Europe and Africa, and most of North America. No special equipment is needed to view a lunar eclipse; a dark environment is enough for the best viewing conditions.

Lunar Eclipse Spiritual Meaning

In astrology, the spiritual aspects of the moon represent our deep emotional tides. Astrologists believe an eclipse is a life-changing time to seek change and usher in evolution. During a lunar eclipse, your emotions and subconscious patterns will be revealed when the moon is covered in the earth's shadow. During this event, pathways are shown that tell you what to let go of and what changes you should make.

1. Letting Go of the Past

The energy potential of a lunar eclipse is at its peak during a total eclipse. It is a quantum opportunity to cleanse your emotional waters by releasing deep-seated wounds and moving beyond old pains by transcending your negative patterns. During this time, eliminating anything you have outgrown is a great idea. During each lunar eclipse, your current emotional cycle will be reset, revealing what has long been hidden in your subconscious. Ending ties with people and things are inevitable and necessary as you grow, and lunar eclipses are the best time to let that happen.

2. Embracing Changes

Ending things and cutting off ties may not be a negative thing. Cutting off sources of negativity can help clear emotional space for new items. And clearing the mind can be helpful if any unique opportunity arrives; just as useless physical things may clutter up a house, useless emotional baggage will clutter up the mind. Wisdom and maturity you’ve gained in the previous cycle can be anchored in a lunar eclipse.

For many people, preferring familiar things can be a fault. The unknown can make you uncomfortable, but stagnation in the ordinary can often happen if you give in to this fear. You will quickly open up to changes when a lunar eclipse occurs. Seize it as a precious opportunity and remember that the change we strive to make it all for our betterment.

3. Golden Time to Receive Energy & Messages from the Universe

A greater connection with the Divine is made possible when a lunar eclipse occurs as the lunar energy becomes more vital during this time. Imagine a Dues Ex Machina with a spiritual hand that reaches down from the heavens to guide you. There will be pathways opened to you and guidance from the universe that will put you where you need to be. It can be regarded as a golden time to leave what is safe and comfortable to grow more fully into yourself.

Crystals for the Lunar Eclipse

When selecting crystals for the lunar eclipse, it is recommended to choose grounding crystals or crystals that represent darkness. Black or yellow crystals are great options, with obsidian being the best. Obsidian is known as the "Warrior of Truth" and is a teacher stone that can expose darkened subconscious areas and help you face your inner self.

lunar eclipse meaning

The rarest obsidian types are golden obsidian and silver obsidian. These are formed with air bubbles and have the presence of gold or silver substances near the surface. It is said that they provide the sun and moon energy. It is the perfect stone to embody the darkness that comes during a solar eclipse when the moon blocks the illumination from the sun.

AWNL Jewellery for Lunar Eclipse to Choose

Lunar eclipses carry special spiritual meaning, and energies during this period differ from usual. Instead of using crystals to harness the moon's power, sitting, reflecting, and focusing on your breath is better. As a lunar eclipse signifies your spiritual nature and emotion, you can seize this opportunity to deal with things that bring emotional upheaval. Only after doing this will you embrace positive change and a better version of yourself.

AWNL selects obsidian and combines it with exquisite craftsmanship and ancient mysticism to help clean up negative energy by letting go of the past. This beautiful piece can bestow upon the wearer luck and protection, revealing hidden messages or opening up pathways.

Silver Obsidian Necklace of Time Capsule

The inspiration for this bracelet comes from the concept of a time capsule, as a time capsule creates bonds between the present, past, and future. It can bring messages from your past self to your future self. The space totem, in combination with silver obsidian, makes a perfect item for meditation and enlightenment.


Showing AWNL Time Capsule Necklace

Necklace of Seraph Wing with Silver Obsidian

Silver obsidian is the rarest type and profoundly connects with the moon. It echoes with the design of the Seraph wing as Seraph is an angel of the highest order. They carry messages from the universe and guide the wearer in the right direction.



Showing AWNL Seraph Wing Necklace

Beej Mantra Necklace with Golden Obsidian

With the Beej mantra engraved on the obsidian, this necklace can be a perfect choice for meditation as both the obsidian and Beej mantra can help cleanse negative energy and bring inner peace.


Showing AWNL Beej Mantra Necklace

White Gold Meteorite Necklace of Lunar

The sphere part of the necklace is a Swedish meteorite. Meteorites are celestial objects that crash-landed on Earth. Taking the form of the moon, this meteorite necklace is inspired by the beauty of a lunar eclipse. Together with a signature ring makes, this is the AWNL classic meteorite set. A shooting star from the heavens can help manifest your wishes into reality.


 Showing Meteorite Necklace of Lunar

Meteorite Necklace of Stars and Moon

During a total lunar eclipse, the absence of moonlight makes the sky clearer to see other stars.


Showing AWNL Star and Moon Necklace

Rose Gold Plated Sphere Meteorite Necklace

The central sphere is the Muonionalusta meteorite. At the same time, the design itself takes inspiration from a lunar eclipse, when the earth’s shadow covers the moon. The outer portion is decorated with engraved Nordic runes, potent symbols of magic.


 Showing AWNL Sphere Necklace

We can gain inspiration and enlightenment during the lunar eclipse and can open our attunements to receive spiritual waves of higher degrees of frequency. It is a meaningful time to receive messages and anchor them to ourselves. These are the powerful effects of a lunar eclipse. Please take advantage the next time one occurs.

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