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Where to Buy High Quality and Authentic Meteorite Jewellery

Where to Buy High Quality and Authentic Meteorite Jewelry

In search of authentic meteorite jewellery at an affordable price? Now, you should be careful.

Muonionalusta Meteorite is 4.5 billion years old, one of the oldest and rarest objects on earth, and its unique temperament has fascinated humanity since time immemorial.

Most meteorites fall into the ocean or sparsely populated areas, so iron meteorites that can be used to make jewellery are even rarer. It's no surprise why Rolex or Rolls-Royce add meteorites to their products.

Rolex Meteorite Watch

 Rolex Watch with Muonionalusta Panel

The combination of meteorites and jewellery has inherent intimacy. As early as 5,000 years ago, our ancestors used meteorites as decorative items. Ancient Sumerians and Egyptians believed in the divine power of meteorites as a highly precious and mysterious part of the communication between human beings and the universe.

Nowadays, meteorites have been widely used in jewellery creation and have become a new trend in the high-end gem and jewellery industry. Some jewellers use small intact meteorites and set them in rings and bracelets. Meteorite jewellery designs add flair; jewellers may use them in pendant decorations in a way that directly presents their unique textures.

Among them, the Lundberg family from Stockholm, an early high-end jeweller who went deep into the wilderness of northern Sweden to unearth the Muonionalusta meteorite, has been focusing on making this magical, extraterrestrial meteorite into various jewellery for the past 35 years. In 2011, we launched the energy jewellery brand AWNL, featuring meteorite materials.

What is Muonionalusta meteorite?

The Muonionalusta meteorite, from now on referred to as M meteorite, which hit the Earth in northern Scandinavia 1 million years ago, is the iron core of an ancient planetary body and is classified as an iron meteorite. Its appearance is delicate octahedral grade IVA, composed of 90% iron, 9% nickel and 1% other elements. This alloy of iron and nickel has not been found naturally in earthly conditions outside the earth’s core.

It is also one of the most beautifully etched meteorites, with incredible stability and a beautiful acid-etched pattern called "Widmanstätten." This pattern is formed by the alternating layers of iron ferrite and nickel, and its beauty lies within the patchwork and exquisite lines. It’s the first choice for making meteorite jewelry and handicrafts and is deeply loved by jewelry enthusiasts everywhere.

How to Identify Real Meteorite Jewellery?

1) Textures that cannot be imitated

The fascinating thing about the Swedish Muonionalusta meteorites is their unique "Widmanstätten” texture that cannot be replicated on Earth, and this texture is entirely different on each meteorite. This rarity is evident when considering how this pattern forms when the liquid alloy of iron and nickel cools very slowly in low-gravity conditions, in other words, by only 1 degree Celsius per millennium.

When buying meteorite jewellery, you can carefully observe the surface of each piece. After all, no matter how the merchants in the market try to imitate it, they cannot achieve this natural and unique texture.

AWNL Authentic Meteorite Certificate

2) Beware of the low-price trap

The excavation process of the Swedish Muonionalusta meteorite is complicated. Because its impact point is near the Arctic Circle in Sweden, it’s covered with ice and snow all year round. Only from May to July every year can meteorite hunters detect and excavate it.

Carrying heavy metal detectors, GPS, diamond files, folding shovels and other equipment, they entered the virgin forest 200 kilometres away from the nearest town. These meteorite hunters also need to overcome prolonged sun exposure and may be attacked by wild animals at any time. Therefore, excavating these meteorites has already consumed a lot of workforce and time.

Secondly, meteorites used in jewellery design are one in a hundred. The discovered meteorites need to be carefully selected by jewellery experts, and only a small number of those meteorites are eligible to enter the jewellery design process.

Furthermore, grinding meteorites that can be used in jewellery into different shapes while retaining their unique natural texture requires expensive tools, superb craftsmanship, and expertise. At AWNL, we have mastered the complex process of polishing meteorites through years of research and practice to preserve the precious attributes of each meteorite.

Based on all the above reasons, it is recommended to buy from professional meteorite jewellery brands like us as much as possible. After all, high-quality meteorite jewellery must be selected, designed, and processed layer by layer before it can be presented to consumers.

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Awaken Inner Power with Natural Meteorite

Just as our ancient human ancestors believed in the mysterious healing power of meteorite, so too today do people associate meteorite jewellery with balance and strength and believe that it has the effect of healing the body and mind.

At AWNL, we also insist on "exploring rare, natural materials containing spiritual energy" as their core belief as we launched our Nordic Muonionalusta meteorite classic collection.

Particular stones were collected from all over the world, such as dragon blood jaspers which enhance courage and strength; Brazilian obsidian with protective meaning; south African eagle eye stones that bring courage; and onyx that nourishes the mind and body; the M meteorite is combined with these unique minerals in Semi-precious stone designs.

Double Rune Meteorite Bracelet

Showing AWNL Nordic Double Runes Bracelet

Inspired by Nordic white magic, ancient Nordic runes are engraved on the bracelet to imbue it with powerful magical protection. The eagle eye stones bring protection and blessings, enabling the wearer to repel the negative and unfavourable energies from the world.

Whether it’s men's jewellery with cultural attributes or women's jewellery with a strong sense of design, the AWNL brand has always integrated this Nordic meditation that combines exquisite craftsmanship, natural materials, and mysticism into every piece—aiming to awaken the hidden potential of the wearer's heart, bringing protection and healing.

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