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How to Choose Meteorite Rings - Ultimate Guide

How to Choose Meteorite Rings - Ultimate Guide

With so many different variations of jewellery out on the market, a common question you might ask yourself is, “which one should I choose?” This time around we suggest you pick a unique and eye-catching meteorite ring from the vast collection offered by AWNL. We have the right style of rings just for you that will always go well with whatever attire you choose to wear. All meteorite rings are a quite luxe and modern in design. But then you might wonder, what really is a meteorite ring?

What is a meteorite ring?

Meteorite Rings for Men

Showing AWNL Men's Meteorite Ring

Meteorite rings are rings made from a metal band with an iron meteorite stone placed in a facet or inlaid into the band itself. Even though there are many different types of meteorite stones, all of these stones can be identified by their look and composition. Some of the different types of meteorite stones to look out for are iron meteorite, stony meteorite, or stony-iron meteorite.

Are meteorite rings safe?

Although meteorite stones are harvested from actual meteorites themselves, there is no need to worry if they might be contaminated with space borne pathogens or if they will negatively affect your health. Each meteorite stone is carefully harvested and cleansed of any impurities before they are they are set into any ring or other piece of jewellery that AWNL offers. It’s actually commonly believed that meteorite rings can be a great benefit to your health and energy.

How to identify a real meteorite ring?

You might have some doubts as to whether or not you are receiving a real meteorite stone in your ring. How can you be sure that is an authentic meteorite stone? Here are some clues to help you identify if a stone is real meteorite or another stone altogether. Some characteristics of meteorite stones are their tendency to rust. Since meteorite stones contain large traces of iron, the surface of meteorite stones tend to rust if not properly taken care of. This iron also allows meteorite stones to have a magnetic effect. So if you have a magnet nearby, you will be able to feel the stone be drawn towards it. And most importantly, all meteorite stones offered by AWNL come with a Certificate of Authenticity, meaning that AWNL has researched and tested all meteorite stones they have received prior to setting them into any piece of jewellery.

Types of meteorite rings for Men and Women

Meteorite Rings for Men

Showing AWNL Men's Meteorite Ring

There are many styles of rings to choose from when designing your own meteorite ring. AWNL has a large selection of rings to choose from ranging from simple bands to ornate and beautifully designed engagement rings with diamond accompaniments. Some of the pieces offered by AWNL include meteorite bands, meteorite signet rings, and meteorite engagement rings. Other options for you to choose from are specialized Gibeon meteorite rings, meteorite encrusted gold or rose gold rings, or meteorite rings accompanied with gem stones. All of which are hand crafted to perfection and ready to amaze anyone who looks upon them

How much does a meteorite ring cost?

We agree that meteorite stone jewellery are unique and wondrous, but by no means does this mean they are extraordinarily expensive or overpriced. In fact, all meteorite rings offered by AWNL are affordable and exquisite in design. Ranging from a modest sub $200 price tag to a more robust $500 or more, there’s no need to break the bank when purchasing a highly sought after ring from AWNL.

Can a meteorite ring be resized?

When picking out which ring you want, it’s imperative to determine your correct ring size before purchasing. Using the sizing chart provided below, you can quickly determine what size ring you can wear and which one order. It’s important to note that a meteorite ring band cannot be resized, so it’s crucial to ensure that you order the correct size – link to how to measure your ring size:

Shield Meteorite Ring for MenShowing AWNL Men's Meteorite Ring

Where to buy trustworthy meteorite rings?

What the right choice for you when purchasing a meteorite ring? Who has authentic meteorite stones offered in their jewellery? We can reassure you that all of AWNL jewellery comes with a Certificate of Authenticity ensuring you that every piece you buy from AWNL is authentic and true to our word. But if you feel that we cannot provide the best service or pieces of jewellery available, just know that if you want to have a real meteorite stone ring that you look for a certificate of authenticity from any other retailer that you may consider.

Where to Buy Trustworthy Meteorite Jewellery

Showing AWNL Certified Swedish Meteorite

Meteorite Ring Reviews & Recommendation

Now that we have discussed some of the things to know about when purchasing a meteorite ring, what are some actual products offered by AWNL? Jewellery doesn’t have to be just for women, AWNL has a large assortment of men’s jewellery as well to help you flesh-out any fashion design or look that you or your significant other might have. Here is a small list of recommended pieces that you can look at to review and help you decide which one is the best fit.

Men’s meteorite rings

Meteorite Ring for Men

Showing AWNL Men's Meteorite Ring of Spaceship

  • This ring has a futuristic look to it and is inspired by the designs of interstellar starships from science fiction. The large triangular meteorite stone set in the middle will give its wearer the feeling and power from the cosmos as the ring sets down on your finger.

Pyramid Meteorite Ring for Men

Showing AWNL Men's Meteorite Ring of Pyramid

  • A classical and sleek design, this ring represents the theme of love wrapped into its large equilateral triangular shaped center stone. The concepts of intimacy, passion, and commitment are symbolized by the three sides of the meteorite stone coming together in a magnificent display.

Meteorite Rings for Men

Showing AWNL Men's Meteorite Ring of Seven Seas 

  • Sure to impress those who look upon its beauty, this ring has many inspirations and concepts within its very unique design. Drawing upon ancient Greek mythos, the dazzling hexagonal shaped meteorite stone brings this ring to together like Poseidon brings the seas to bear.

Meteorite rings for women

meteorite ring for women

  • A simple and elegant design makes this ring shine. Set with a large spherical shaped meteorite stone formed like the moon on high, is accompanied with an array of CZ diamond ‘stars’ to let the light of the cosmos shine through.

meteorite ring sets for women

  • Bringing the ultimate form of love into its design, this dual ring concept is perfect for that ‘magical day.’ Great as an engagement ring or wedding band, these rings will certainly come together in harmony just like you and your loved one will. Set with a magnificent tetrahedron shaped meteorite stone on one band and an assortment of CZ diamonds on the other, these rings are made perfect for single or dual pairing when worn.

Swedish Meteorite Ring for Women

  • Looking to start a new chapter in your life or to continue on with in a wonderful course, this ring will certainly bring all those to watch as it sits upon your finger. The beautifully crafted tetrahedron shaped meteorite stone is proceeded by a spectacular CZ diamond arrow array sure to make any one stop and admire.

Meteorite Ring for Women

  • Just like the glow from within you, this ring will certainly light up any room that it enters. The large tetrahedron shaped meteorite stone is adorned with a flow of CZ diamonds to its sides bringing the concept of love into its amazing design.

How to clean your meteorite ring and take care of it?

You finally have your certified meteorite ring and you want to keep it looking pristine forever. So how can you keep it looking just like the day you bought it? First thing you must do is take some minor precautions. You can easily wash your hands with it on, or shower with it, you can do what you normally would do with the ring on. But like all other jewellery, don't expose your ring to chlorine from a swimming pool or hot tub or other harsh chemicals. Also, keep it away from salt water such as from the ocean or sea. If your meteorite stone gets dirty, you can use some rubbing alcohol to soak the stone, then using a soft toothbrush, gently scrub the stone clean. Afterward, dry the stone and then protect it from rusting using mineral oil.

How durable is a meteorite ring?

As with any jewellery material, meteorite has strengths and weaknesses. Since meteorite is primarily composed of iron and nickel, the material is quite strong. But because meteorite contains a high amount of iron, it is prone to rusting without proper care. Due to this rusting factor, meteorite material isn't something to wear haphazardly. You must avoid it getting and staying too wet and take care of it promptly if rust begins to show.

The bottom line

For a material that is rarer than platinum itself, meteorite jewellery has a surprisingly modest price tag. And since the stone can easily be paired with other metals for a nice contrast or compliment, meteorite stone jewellery is the perfect fit for all those wishing to wear something high-class and chic. So choose for yourself which ring is the one that will bring the stars to your fingertips.

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