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Poseidon Trident Sodalite Necklace

Sale price$249.00

Necklaces Size Guide

To ensure the perfect fit for your necklace, we've provided a detailed size guide. For additional information on how to measure your necklace size, please visit our full size guide.

Necklace Size Guide


17" 42cm
18" 46cm
20" 51cm
22" 55cm
24" 61cm
26" 66cm
28" 71cm
30" 76cm
33" 84cm

70cm Dark Blue Adjustable Wax Rope Set

55cm Light Stainless Chain with Pendant

61.5cm Light Stainless Chain with Pendant

Bail Size: 4.3*3.5mm

Embrace the Sea's Majesty

Infinite Power & Invincible Courage

Crafted with a 13-sided cut blue sodalite stone, the Men's Poseidon Trident Necklace is a symbol of the sea's infinite power and invincible courage. Sodalite's hard lines contrast with the soft textured stone, evoking the sea's waves, while the Dumortierite gemstone in sterling silver offers captivating blue hues.

Wear Your Confidence

Stainless Steel Chain & Wax Cord

Choose to wear it on a stainless steel chain or wax cord for a casual look. The polished stainless steel chain adds refinement and durability. Dive deeper into Poseidon's whispers and elevate your style with this ultimate symbol of control and confidence.

The Celestial Anchor of Tranquility | Serene - Grounding - Healing

Sodalite, a deep blue mineral resembling lapis lazuli, has been historically valued for its protective qualities. Ancient Egyptian tombs have yielded numerous sodalite artifacts, believed to ward off evil spirits.

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Natural Gemstone Nuances

Men's Poseidon Trident Necklace with Sodalite Necklaces WAA FASHION GROUP
Poseidon Trident Sodalite Necklace Sale price$249.00