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Lily of the Valley White Pearl Drop Earrings

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Lily of the valley from Sweden is renowned for its sweet scent - revered for dispelling evil and inspiring positivity. The pearl brings wealth and lights the wearer's inner gifts of intuition, insight, and innovation. Show your style and stay strong against negativity by donning this exquisite piece.

Gem of the Sea | Purity - Wisdom - Serenity

Pearls are unique among gemstones as they are the only ones formed within a living creature. They develop inside mollusks such as oysters and mussels as a natural defense against irritants like a piece of sand. Layers of aragonite and conchiolin, substances secreted by the mollusk, build up around the irritant, creating the pearl's lustrous appearance.

Pearls symbolize purity, wisdom, and serenity. They are believed to offer protection, as well as attract good luck and wealth. Historically, pearls have been associated with innocence and integrity, and they are thought to enhance personal integrity and help to focus attention.

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Natural Gemstone Nuances

Women's Silver Drop Earrings with White Pearl Earrings AWNL Rose Gold
Lily of the Valley White Pearl Drop Earrings Sale price$149.00