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Dragon's Blood Jasper & Meteorite Bracelet

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Bracelets Size Guide

Finding Your Perfect Bracelet Size: A Quick Guide

Choosing the ideal bracelet size can seem challenging, but we’re here to assist you. Follow this succinct guide to discover your ideal fit. For a more comprehensive guide, refer to our full size guide.

Steps to Measure Your Wrist Size:

  1. Choose a Measuring Tool: Use a tape measure or a strip of paper.
  2. Wrap it Around Your Wrist: Ensure it’s straight and snug.
  3. Mark the Meeting Point: If using paper, mark where the ends meet and then measure it against a ruler.
  4. Add Additional Length: For a comfortable fit, add an extra 0.5 cm-1.5 cm to the measured length.
  • Please compare the value you’ve calculated with the numbers provided in the charts below.
  • Sizes may vary slightly depending on the style of the bracelet, so please ensure to select the correct one.
  • You can also refer to our recommended size displayed beneath the variant on the product page for guidance.
Bracelet Size Chart

For wrist size: 5.9" - 6.3" | 15 - 16cm

For wrist size: 6.3" - 6.7" | 16 - 17cm

For wrist size: 6.7" - 7.1" | 17 - 18cm

For wrist size: 7.1" - 7.9" | 18 - 20cm

Embrace the hero within with this men's beaded bracelet inspired by Beowulf's battle with the dragon. Featuring Dragon's Blood Jasper beads and a Swedish meteorite lucky wheel charm, it's a harmonious blend of earth's vitality and the universe's mysteries. The white gold-plated finish elevates its elegance, making it a standout piece.

Cosmic Connection

Swedish meteorite lucky wheel charm, a fragment of the universe on your wrist.

Earth's Vibrancy

Dragon's Blood Jasper beads, known for their healing and grounding properties.

* Custom size XS is available, please consult customer service for custom fit. 

XS - for wrist size  5.5" - 5.9" | 14 - 15 cm 

Stone of Courage | Revitalizing - Empowering - Grounding

Dragon Blood Jasper, also known as Dragon Stone, is a type of Jasper that gets its distinctive green color from epidote and red color from piemontite. This unique combination of minerals contributes to its striking appearance, reminiscent of dragon scales, hence its name.

Symbolizing strength, courage, and vitality, Dragon Blood Jasper is believed to promote personal power and perseverance. It's said to be particularly useful for those facing challenging situations, providing grounding and enhancing life force energy.

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Natural Gemstone Nuances

Cosmic Messenger | Ancient - Interstellar - Enlightening

The Muonionalusta Meteorite, discovered in Sweden, is an iron meteorite that is estimated to have fallen about one million years ago. It is famed for its unique Widmanstätten patterns, a testament to its journey through time and space.

This meteorite symbolizes the vastness of the universe and our connection to it. Its interstellar origins bring a sense of ancient wisdom and enlightenment, making it a powerful tool for those seeking a deeper understanding of the cosmos.

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Natural Gemstone Nuances

Men's Beaded Bracelet with Meteorite and Dragon's Blood Jasper Bracelets WAA FASHION GROUP
Dragon's Blood Jasper & Meteorite Bracelet Sale price$379.00