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Ulfberht Swords Red Tiger Eye Macrame Bracelet

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Men's Macrame Beaded Bracelet Size Chart

Find Your Perfect Bracelet Fit: A Quick Guide

Follow this succinct guide to discover your ideal fit. For a more comprehensive guide, please refer to our full size guide.

Steps to Measure Your Wrist Size:

  1. Choose a Measuring Tool: Use a tape measure or a strip of paper.
  2. Wrap it Around Your Wrist: Ensure it’s straight and snug.
  3. Mark the Meeting Point: If using paper, mark where the ends meet and then measure it against a ruler.
  4. Add Additional Length: For comfort, add an extra 0.5cm - 1.5cm to the measured length.
  • Use the following size chart as a reference to find your bracelet size based on your wrist measurement.
  • You can also consult the size we recommend, which is displayed below the variant on the product page for guidance.

Men's Macrame Beaded Bracelet Size Chart

Bracelet Size Guide by Body Type

 *The sizing charts are for reference only. Actual measurements may vary depending on the design and individual body type.

*For any questions or custom sizing inquiries, please contact customer service.

For wrist size: 5.9" - 6.7" | 15 - 17cm

For wrist size: 6.7" - 7.5" | 17 - 19cm

Adorn yourself with our distinctive diamond-cut bracelet, crafted with superior South African red tiger eye and complemented by a silver thorny bead, emanating power and luxury. This piece channels the audacity of rebellion, allowing you to make your unique statement.

Inspired by the mighty Ulfberht sword, the centerpiece embodies courage and assurance. It is said that red tiger eye comes from tigers and its unique red color represents vitality, strength and action. This bracelet endows the wearer with a sense of courage and clear vision.

Flame of Vitality | Energizing - Motivating - Passionate

Red Tiger Eye, a striking variant of the classic Tiger Eye, is known for its rich red and brown hues. This gemstone is formed through a natural heating process that oxidizes iron elements within the stone, giving it a fiery appearance.

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Natural Gemstone Nuances

Men's Ulfberht Swords Beaded Bracelet with Red Tiger Eye Bracelets WAA FASHION GROUP
Ulfberht Swords Red Tiger Eye Macrame Bracelet Sale price$279.00