Men's Flatbead Bracelet with Picasso Jasper and Knight's Cross Charm

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Size: M
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Men's Flatbead Bracelet with Picasso Jasper and Knight's Cross Charm Bracelets M AWNL Jewelry

Men's Flatbead Bracelet with Picasso Jasper and Knight's Cross Charm

$269.00 $269.00

Men's Flatbead Bracelet with Picasso Jasper and Knight's Cross Charm

$269.00 $269.00
Size: M

The centre bead of the bracelet is a Knight's cross symbol which represents royalty and protection. The Brazilian Picasso Jasper gemstone is an inspiration for the arts and bestows creativity and ingenuity to the wearer. This bracelet consists of 4 beads in a pyramid shape that give a great polished look.

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  • Gemstone: Brazilian Picasso Jasper 9.5*9.5mm
  • Charm: 9.5*9.5mm
  • S925 sterling silver with 18K white gold plated

Picasso Jasper/Picasso-Marble

Birthstone for Virgo, Aries, Scorpio | Root and Sacral Chakras

Picasso Jasper is a very caring stone. It will support and maintain the wearer during stressful or challenging moments. It will provide them with anything they require to get beyond difficult times while giving love and protection energies.

Picasso-Marble is also a very relaxing and centering stone. It can be a companion stone during difficult moments, ensuring the wearer stays grounded and closely linked to reality.

It is a very protective stone that will guard the wearer against physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual damage. This stone will give a feeling of peace and calm and makes a wonderful meditation stone.


Nordic Runes

M – Mannaz (ᛗ) - Human nature and community, Man

X/Z – Algiz (ᛉ) - Protection and defense, Sedge and Rushes, a Moose

W – Wunjo (ᚹ) - Joy, light and happiness

T – Tiwaz (ᛏ) – Justice and fairness, Warrior Energy, the God Tiu

S – Sowilo (ᛋ) – Sun - Success and victory, Vitality, The Energy Of The Sun

J – Jera (ᛃ) - Harvest and growth, Fertile phase, One year

Natural Gemstones

At AWNL Jewelry, we take pride in hand-selecting every natural gemstone and crystal used in our jewelry pieces. Due to the nature of these materials, each item may vary slightly in color and pattern, resulting in a unique, one-of-a-kind gift from nature.


Our meteorite products are crafted exclusively from the finest Swedish Muonionalusta iron meteorites, which meet our strict quality standards for processing into jewelry. We take great care in selecting only the best meteorites suited for jewelry processing, ensuring excellent designs and the highest quality and standards for our products.

AWNL's Crafts

We specialize in crafting handmade jewelry in silver, gold, and platinum, incorporating all-natural crystals and meteorites. Our expert craftsmanship is renowned for the distinctive cut of crystals and meteorites that we use in our collections. We blend modern artistry with natural materials to create unique and meaningful designs that go beyond mere jewelry pieces, perfect for anyone seeking something special.

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