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Spectrolite Prism Wide Band Ring

Sale price$279.00

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This elegant band of labradorite and spectrolite is said to be an illuminator of hope in even the darkest of times. Its spellbinding, iridescent labradorescence speaks to its unique and majestic beauty, which can be seen to shine in a marvelous array of colours when hit with a light source from different angles.

Northern Light's Canvas | Mystical - Illuminating - Transformative

Finland Spectrolite, a unique variant of Labradorite found only in Finland, is known for its exceptional spectrum of colors. This iridescent stone exhibits vibrant hues, a phenomenon known as labradorescence, resulting from light diffraction within its layers.

Spectrolite symbolizes mystical insight and transformation. It's believed to enhance intuition, provide spiritual illumination, and facilitate personal growth and change. The stone’s play of color represents the spectrum of life's possibilities.

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Men's Wide Band Ring of Hope with Labradorite Rings AWNL
Spectrolite Prism Wide Band Ring Sale price$279.00