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Fantasy Black Rutilated Quartz Ring

Sale price$109.00

Rings Size Guide

To ensure the perfect fit for your ring, we've provided a detailed size guide. For additional information on how to measure your ring size, please visit our full size guide.

Circumference Diameter US UK EU HK
48.5mm 15.45mm #4½ #48.5 #10
50.5mm 16.08mm #5½ K #50.5 #12
52.0mm 16.5mm #6 #52.0 #13
53.0mm 16.88mm #6½ #53.0 #14
55.5mm 17.68mm #7½ #55.5 #16
57.5mm 18.31mm #8¼ #57.5 #18.5
60.0mm 19.11mm #9¼ #60.0 #20.5
62.0mm 19.75mm #9¾ #62.0 #22
64.0mm 20.38mm #10 ¾ V #64 #24
66.0mm 21.02mm #11½ #66 #26


Q: How to Measure Ring Size?

  1. Wrap a strip of the paper or string around your finger.

  2. Mark the point where the ends meet with a pen or with your finger.

  3. Measure the string with a ruler and compare the length with the ring size chart.


*Measure 3 to 4 times for more accuracy.
*Measure the size of another ring that fits.
*Measure your ring size when your fingers are warm at the end of the day as the temperature affects sizing.
*Consider ordering a half size larger than you usually would.
*Wider band may need to increase the ring size.
*Your finger knuckle is also a must to measure since some of the knuckles are bigger than the root, ensuring the ring passes the knuckle first.

Our sterling silver ring is adorned with captivating Black Rutilated Quartz, drawing from its vibrant pastel hues. Alternating positive and negative influences form a harmonious fusion, radiating an uplifting energy to soothe suffering. Illuminate the depths of your being with this mesmerizing piece of balance and tranquility.

Guardian of Shadows | Illuminating - Protective - Grounding

Black Rutilated Quartz is a variety of clear quartz that contains black rutile inclusions. These inclusions are needle-like and create striking patterns within the quartz. This stone is formed when rutile needles become trapped in quartz during its crystallization process, creating a unique and powerful combination of elements.

This gemstone is known for its ability to illuminate and transform negative energies. It symbolizes protection, grounding, and clarity. Black Rutilated Quartz is believed to offer insight into dark or challenging aspects of life and to enhance personal growth and resilience.

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Natural Gemstone Nuances

Women's Fantasy Birthstone Ring with Black Rutilated Quartz Rings AWNL
Fantasy Black Rutilated Quartz Ring Sale price$109.00