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Luxury Redefined

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Embrace the essence of Scandinavian luxury with AWNL Jewelry. Crafted from meteorites and select crystals, each piece epitomizes understated opulence. Designed for the modern sophisticate, our creations serve as contemporary talismans, merging simplicity with timeless elegance.

Ancient Power, Modern Amulet

The M Meteorite Amulets

Crafted from an ancient Swedish M meteorite that graced our planet a million years ago, we present talismans of modern elegance—beacons of strength, dream enabler, spiritual guide, and sacred protector.

Embrace Spring Elegance

Poseidon's Whispers

Dive into the Poseidon collection, where the soul of each piece is a blue gemstone capturing the ocean's boundless power.

Embrace the Wanderer Within

Vagabond: A Journey Embodied

Answering the call of the wild and the allure of the unknown, the collection weaves the elements of earth, air, fire, and water into every gemstone, each piece a journey in itself. Wear it as a tribute to freedom, making every day an exploration.

Eternal Dance of Cosmic Elegance

Meteorite Fusion

Step into a realm where the universe's allure meets the elegance of the terrestrial. Here, meteorites and gemstones craft a timeless tale.

The Floral Fantasy for Her

Dreaming within Blossoms

Drawing inspiration from blossoming flowers, our collection seamlessly fuses the gentle warmth of natural stones with the grace of florals. Each piece, with its spectrum of gemstone colors, mirrors the soft opening of petals, inviting you into an enchanting garden of dreams.