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Purple Phantom Zulfiqar Sword Bracelet

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Bracelets Size Guide

Finding Your Perfect Bracelet Size: A Quick Guide

Choosing the ideal bracelet size can seem challenging, but we’re here to assist you. Follow this succinct guide to discover your ideal fit. For a more comprehensive guide, refer to our full size guide.

Steps to Measure Your Wrist Size:

  1. Choose a Measuring Tool: Use a tape measure or a strip of paper.
  2. Wrap it Around Your Wrist: Ensure it’s straight and snug.
  3. Mark the Meeting Point: If using paper, mark where the ends meet and then measure it against a ruler.
  4. Add Additional Length: For a comfortable fit, add an extra 0.5 cm-1.5 cm to the measured length.
  • Please compare the value you’ve calculated with the numbers provided in the charts below.
  • Sizes may vary slightly depending on the style of the bracelet, please ensure to select the correct one.
  • You can also refer to our recommended size displayed beneath the variant on the product page for guidance.
  • For other sizes or custom sizing, please contact our customer service.

Stretch Cord - Lobster Clasp - Silver Chain - Interlocking Bracelet

Body Weight Sizing Chart
Body Weight Sizing Chart

Macrame Beaded Bracelet

Body Weight Sizing Chart
Body Weight Sizing Chart

For wrist size: 5.9" - 6.3" | 15 - 16cm

For wrist size: 6.3" - 6.7" | 16 - 17cm

For wrist size: 6.7" - 7.1" | 17 - 18cm

For wrist size: 7.1" - 7.9" | 18 - 20cm

Embrace the valor of the legendary Zulfiqar Sword with this unique bracelet. Adorned with Purple Phantom Quartz, known for spiritual growth and clarity, this piece resonates with courage and wisdom. The finely crafted sword charm is a testament to bravery, while the ethereal quartz connects you to higher realms. Wear it as a symbol of strength, or gift it to someone embarking on a new journey.

Symbol of Valor

Zulfiqar Sword Charm, a mark of courage and strength.

Spiritual Connection

Purple Phantom Quartz, for clarity and spiritual insight.

Veil of the Mystic | Transformative - Intuitive - Uplifting

Phantom Quartz is a captivating variety of Quartz that contains inclusions of minerals like manganese or iron oxide, creating purple-hued 'phantom' shapes within the crystal. These formations, often appearing as ghostly layers, mark different stages in the crystal’s growth, capturing its evolutionary journey.

This gemstone is symbolic of transformation and spiritual evolution. It's believed to enhance intuition, aid in personal growth, and facilitate a connection to higher consciousness. The stone’s purple phantoms represent the mystical and unseen aspects of life.

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Natural Gemstone Nuances

Men's Beaded Bracelet with Zulfiqar Sword Charm and Purple Phantom Quartz Bracelets WAA FASHION GROUP
Purple Phantom Zulfiqar Sword Bracelet Sale price$219.00