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Sirius Cross Lapis Lazuli Necklace

Sale price$578.00

Necklaces Size Guide

To ensure the perfect fit for your necklace, we've provided a detailed size guide. For additional information on how to measure your necklace size, please visit our full size guide.

Necklace Size Guide


17" 42cm
18" 46cm
20" 51cm
22" 55cm
24" 61cm
26" 66cm
28" 71cm
30" 76cm
33" 84cm

55cm Refined Silver Chain with Pendant

55cm Light Stainless Chain with Pendant

61.5cm Light Stainless Chain with Pendant

Bail Size: 4.8*7mm

This 925 silver necklace with lapis lazuli is inspired by Sirius, the second brightest star. The cross-shaped glow is a sign of the gods and a symbol of abundance and luck. Lapis lazuli's elegant color resembles the sky. Choose from two chains: silver or stainless steel, for a comfortable, classic look for any occasion. 

The Sirius, also known as the "Dog Star," holds a sacred place in ancient lore, symbolizing higher consciousness and divine guidance. Crafted from sterling silver and lapis lazuli, its elegance and strength make it a powerful amulet for navigating life.

Starlight, the sacred guardian of the soul | Trustful - Communicative - Healing

Lapis Lazuli is a striking indigo stone that exudes an air of calmness and elegance. As the darkest shade of indigo light, it resonates with the energy of perception and introspection, providing clarity of focus and inspiring the power of deep insight to see through deceit.

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Natural Gemstone Nuances

Men's Sirius Cross Necklace with Lapis Lazuli Necklaces WAA FASHION GROUP
Sirius Cross Lapis Lazuli Necklace Sale price$578.00