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Hawk Eye Hexagon Necklace

Sale price$159.00

Embrace the hawk's piercing gaze with the hex necklace. This captivating pendant, sculpted from deep blue hawk's eye, shimmers with a mesmerizing cat's eye effect. More than just a gemstone, it's a talisman for focus and unity, its polyhedron facets reflecting life's ever-shifting spectrum. Each angle whispers your unique narrative, guiding you towards clarity and self-discovery, cultivating inner peace and wisdom. A statement piece for both mindful practices and everyday elegance, the hex necklace embodies luxury for the discerning individual.
Eagle Eye: Mystical Messenger | Soothing - Communicative - Insightful

Hawk Eye, a mesmerizing blend of Tiger's Eye and Blue Quartz, boasts a deep blue hue with a unique cat's eye luster. Its appearance and properties create a captivating and potent gemstone.

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