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Eye of Horus Picture Jasper Necklace

Sale price$508.00

Necklaces Size Guide

To ensure the perfect fit for your necklace, we've provided a detailed size guide. For additional information on how to measure your necklace size, please visit our full size guide.

Necklace Size Guide


17" 42cm
18" 46cm
20" 51cm
22" 55cm
24" 61cm
26" 66cm
28" 71cm
30" 76cm
33" 84cm

55cm Refined Silver Chain with Pendant

63.5cm Refined Silver Chain with Pendant

55cm Light Stainless Chain with Pendant

61.5cm Light Stainless Chain with Pendant

Bail Size: 4.6*4.6mm

The Eye of Horus - an emblem of ancient Egyptian protection, good health, and renewal - is harmoniously paired with the South African Picture Jasper in this talisman, a heavenly combination that brings solace, banishes fears, and brings balance. This necklace is a melding of antique Egyptian mythology and gemstone potency.

Choose from two kinds of chains: classic silver or stainless steel.

Earth's Canvas | Grounding - Nurturing - Inspiring

Picture Jasper, with its remarkable landscape-like patterns, is a type of Jasper formed from mud that dripped into gas pockets in molten lava. Over time, the sediment solidified, capturing these unique, earthy designs.

This stone is often associated with grounding and nurturing energies. Picture Jasper symbolizes the deep connection to the Earth and its history, inspiring a sense of harmony and balance. It's believed to encourage creativity and bring comfort.

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Natural Gemstone Nuances

Men's Eye of Horus Necklace with Picture Jasper Necklaces WAA FASHION GROUP
Eye of Horus Picture Jasper Necklace Sale price$508.00