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Sapphire Clasp Chain Necklace

Sale price$359.00

Necklaces Size Guide

To ensure the perfect fit for your necklace, we've provided a detailed size guide. For additional information on how to measure your necklace size, please visit our full size guide.

Necklace Size Guide


17" 42cm
18" 46cm
20" 51cm
22" 55cm
24" 61cm
26" 66cm
28" 71cm
30" 76cm
33" 84cm

This necklace, crafted from premium sterling silver, carries a touch of serenity with its round blue Sri Lankan sapphire cabochon clasp. The subtle placement of blue sapphires adds a discrete yet remarkable charm, ensuring secure fastening with grace.

Wisdom's Gem | Noble - Insightful - Pure

Sapphire, a variety of the mineral corundum, is renowned for its rich blue color, though it can occur in a range of hues. Formed under high pressure and temperature deep within the Earth, this gemstone has been cherished throughout history for its beauty and strength.

Often associated with wisdom, nobility, and purity, Sapphire symbolizes insight, mental clarity, and moral fortitude. It's believed to bring about peace of mind, serenity, and prosperity, and is often used for protection.

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Natural Gemstone Nuances

Men's Sterling Silver Chain Necklace with Sapphire Clasp Chains WAA FASHION GROUP
Sapphire Clasp Chain Necklace Sale price$359.00